please empty your brain below

I'll drink to that.
Done DG - I'm re-using my B*** bottle from yesterday's giveaway. And props for the WaterAid plug.
During winter will they be giving out hot soup and cold weather warnings over the public address telling people to wear a scarf?
I drink a lot of water on the tube - I appear to be one of those people who can't survive without it for an hour.

As such I always carry a bottle of water on the tube - summer or winter. But none of that pre-packaged stuff. I go for pure clean Corporation Pop, put in a metal bottle that can hygienically be sterilised (when I remember to do it)
1: I think that people being taken ill is a major source of delay on the tube - and dehydration is an important cause.

2: I would be interested and amused to see what being an unethical bottled water brand might involve . . .
The reason I don't carry water unless on a long ramble in the countryside (in which case I refill an old bottle from home), is because you're never more than a few steps away from somewhere serving liquid in the case of a real thirst quenching emergency!
I like the winter hot soup idea mclm! I wonder if they could be persuaded to expand into hot chocolate too! :)
For an unethical bottled water brand I give you Dasani

Coke's brilliant idea of selling Kent's finest tap water in bottles. Didn't last long in this country
The one time you're not a few steps away from somewhere serving liquid is when the train gets stuck in a tunnel.

It's rare but I was stuck on the Victoria Line for 50 minutes once. And funnily enough it was a day that I didn't have any water with me! It's not a nice scenario and on a packed train it can get pretty hot.

That's why I always have a bottle with me.
As far as I'm concerned, LU / TfL have no doubt got lots of money for advertising brand B*****. I can't see LU allowing brand B***** to advertise on LU property for free.

Whilst any charity collection is to be applauded, I'm wondering how much of the money collected will actually go to charity and how much of it will go towards paying the collectors, admin etc. before being passed on, unless B***** think they're getting enough free advertising out of the collection that they can afford to pay for the collectors etc. out of their own pockets.
The question is, if you get stuck on a train in a tunnel which is better? Being dehydrated or being desperate for the toilet because of all the water you drunk!
Saw the giveaway at Shepherd's Bush yesterday - though they were stood near the exit barriers rather than the entrance, offering bottles to people leaving the station. Surely the wrong way round!
"I refuse to believe that London is populated by dehydrated wusses who can't survive fifteen minutes underground without gulping down half a litre of water"

Believe it! Our delays due to Persons Ill on Trains (PIOTs in LU's acronym filled lexicon) always soar during hot weather, mainly due to fainting, and this summer has been no exception.

There are interesting and obvious peaks and troughs during the year for delays caused by PIOTs. Summer is unsurprising, but then we get another peak in about mid-autumn. It is thought that this occurs because people start going to work in their warm clothes, forgetting that the Underground is still hot.

It was still hot and muggy yesterday when I went to work, and water is being given out today as well. Also, Belu gave us the water for free, the quid pro quo being the publicity they get. Your fare and tax money was not spent on "water for wusses".
"TfL's recommendation to "always carry a bottle of water with you" smacks of official endorsement for pre-packaged H2O"

It does? What do you carry then? A bucket of water? Sachets of water? A bag of water?

Any container you are likely to put water in* is a bottle DG... If it said "bottled water", maybe you could read the wrong thing into it...

* excluding 'bladders' that sports people use.
Is it me? I've never heard of B***. Having taken a look at their website it seems full of contradictions. '100% Carbon neutral" yet it takes over 2000 times as much energy to deliver 500ml of water in a plastic bottle than it does by tap?
The solution is surely for there to be more public water fountains around London.

I don't know how up to date Find-a-Fountain" rel="nofollow">">Find-a-Fountain is, but maybe TFL could fit a few more of them, and then more people would carry re-usable containers.
No taps or drinking fountains on an underground train, though, particularly if it is stuck in a tunnel. You have to carry the water around in a container of some description.

But "always carry a bottle of water" is a little excessive.

Places like Rome, where it gets properly hot, do this properly, with drinking water availably from lots of free public fountains.
As someone who has collapsed on a tube train, (all be it at a station where I was able to crawl out before the doors slammed shut), I can assure you it was nothing to do with dehydration.
From the TV progs I've seen about the LU the people who 'faint' have often not eaten - again nothing to do with being dehydrated.
Someone told me a few weeks back they'd discovered a huge delivery of bottled water plonked in the middle of the verge (not near the station) - I expect some of that water was intended for this 'give-away'. Oh yeah. Bottled water left in direct and very hot sunshine for a couple of days - lovely environment in which to grow bacteria. Fancy 'The Runs' anyone?
Chris says "Also, B**** gave ///us/// the water for free, the quid pro quo being the publicity they get. Your fare and tax money was not spent on "water for wusses".

Eh? Who is "us"? B**** gave the water to the passengers, not to TfL. If the only payment to TfL for this publicity was free-water-for-TfL-passengers, then TfL do not seem to have struck a very good bargain. What is the normal rate for this kind of advert? (In the sort of money that appears in accounts). Does Chris work for B**** or T*L ?
@B; I too have been one of those annoying people who collapsed on a train, found myself feeling dizzy, then on the floor. nothing to do with dehydration, there are various reasons why people faint. carrying water will only help a few of them
I don't know why LU can't just install water fountains at stations.
TfL haven't introduced water fountains at stations because it costs less to ask people to bring a bottle of water with them. In cash-strapped times that's probably the right answer, alas.
I agree that bottled water is an idiotic ripoff and despise anyone who buys it, but in Belu's defence it seems they do give 100% of their profits to Wateraid. Their website says,"We are extremely proud to be the exclusive bottled water partner of WaterAid, and we have pledged all profits over the next three years, with a minimum amount of £300,000, to help transform the lives of over 20,000 people."

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