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Well, that's pretty much how it happened.

Children always pick the most inconvenient times! Like after 45 minutes queuing for a ride at Disneyland Paris, just when it's your turn to go on, just when it is bucketing down outside, and just when the parade is starting and the nearest toilet is on the other side of the road where the parade is coming down - humpf.

If I had known it was you, I would have said hello.

It's the one thing McD's is good for - a friendly toilet in any foreign country. You know the local McD's will have a not pleasant, but reasonably well-kept toilet.

Sorry Chz. Not true.

Example 1: In shopping centre above Victoria station. You have to ask for a token with your meal which then gets you into the pay toilets in the complex for free.

Example 2: Oslo Station. Because the only other toilets in the area cost around £1 the nearest McD's in common with many other establisments make great efforts to ensure you cannot go to the loo without purchasing their product or services first.

I once had the opportunity to use the ladies' loo in the VIP area at Sydney Airport. It was quite unnecessarily luxurious, with lots of marble. Grrr, mumble, wasting the planet's resources, grumble mumble.

London Bridge seems to be the only mainline station in London without public toilets. This surely should be illegal. Superloos don't count - they are a damn sight TOO public for me.

I've been caught out by the deficiencies of London Bridge in the past. First the one in the Cottons Centre turned out to be closed, then I was chasing around from one side of the station to the other on a fruitless quest (the superloo wasn't working either) and ended up in one of the pubs underneath the station.

Dreadful. Perhaps we should send the boys to 'ave a word with the stationmaster.

Diamond Geezer scoop - private sector service better than public sector shock!

Yeah, it's the same in Manchester. Thankfully the Arndale Centre has 2 sets of nice toilets (and one set of not very nice ones), but there doesn't seem to be any more in the rest of town...

The loos at "The Rake", close to the Banana Store, north side of the market, are fairly accessible. The beer is good too

London Bridge has bogs on Platform 5/6? Or do you mean in the concourse itself (before you go through a barrier?)

I suspect that this post will further expose us all as shallow - it will probably get more comments than your more serious posts get.

Yes Dave I am proud to be shallow.

Are you sure the devil got into the sanctified grounds of the cathedral? Was it not the bishop in loo?

Smelliest toilet in London - 100 Club, Oxford Street.

dave, there's nothing less trivial than toilets IMHO. Don't large department stores have toilets for customers?

I used to think the only thing McD had going for it was the free toilet in every city in the world, but then I went to Prague, and even 10 years ago you had to pay for the loo there...

I once complained to our local council's Environmental Services Department about the disgusting state of the loos in a local McDonald's.

I always judge the quality of pubs and restaurants by the state of their loos. If the loos are bad, how can one expect the kitchens to be any better?

hang on, which one are you - the devoted uncle or youngest nephew?

McD's are certainly usually a good bet. But the worst toilet I've ever been in in my life was the McD opposite Zoo station in Berlin 10 years ago. It was just like that one in Trainspotting, I can still feel the gut-wrentchingly bad smell in there

There are toilets on platforms 1/2 and 5/6 on London Bridge, and possibly a ladies' on 3/4. The IRA blew up the gents' there in the 90s.

Perhaps Water loo would have been a better station to try.

It's the only reason I've EVER been in a McDonalds...

That is the state of the nation expressed in bogs and scabs.

A superloo IS bit public. But not as bad as those loos in the Paris metro (which you pay to use) and then have to pee in a trough with the whole world passing by and only your back to protect your modesty...

I once paid a pound to pee at Harrods. Only I can’t remember whether it was worth it. My wife peed for free being pregnant at the time (sexist?).

"Perhaps Water loo would have been a better station to try."

Alas, to find a free loo there you have to scamper across to Waterloo East (platforms B/C). Or sneak into The Hole In The Wall.

I wonder how the "luxury" ladies' loo/ powder room on Oxford Street is getting on?

Its bad that its almost impossible to find a toilet in London. Most provincial towns have at least a shopping centre with one.

That said once went to the free toilet at City Thameslink and it was full of blokes taking part in highly dubious activity, so I would guess thats why there are not many public toilets in London.

Inspector Sands is right. I was standing about 30 feet from the bomb which exploded in the gent's loo at Platform 4 in 1992. Quite a shock. I didn't even know there was a loo there.

I sometimes get caught short on the tube, have to get off and find the usual suspscts, McD's or pub.
There are loos at some stations but what ones? A list would be handy, then you would know its only 4 stops for releif and then find its shut.Now what? Is there a list of stations with toilets. The tube map list is useless as it could mean toilets near the station and the staff don't know, at least not at Morden.

What we need is a loo guide to London! As for McD's being free - try telling that to the burly Frau on the door in German branches!

Possible improvement by about 2011. The s106 bribe to build the Shard is that the developers have to remodel London Bridge concourse.

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