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Nice post DG about a place I did not know. BTW Mary Q of Scots was a (fairly) distant cousin of Elizabeth I; Mary I was her sister.

dg writes. Of course. Fixed thanks.
Er, Mary QoS and Elizabeth were fairly close cousins - first cousins, once removed.

Mary's father James V was Elizabeth's first cousin (their parents were siblings, Margaret Tudor and Henry VIII. Margaret Tudor was also Darnley's grandmother.)

To put it another way, Henry VII was Elizabeth's grandfather, and also Mary's great grandfather.
What a fascinating place. All that authentic history, and so much about Britain's famousest royal historic characters.

It's also impressive that shared use - as a private home and also as a visitor attraction - works so well. And at what sounds like a very reasonable non-exploitative price.
Looks an interesting and peaceful place.

Slightly bemused about the opening times of 2-5pm; if you visit by car and spend three hours on site you'll be compelled to join the rush hour(s) traffic, which can be significant thereabouts.

dg writes: It wasn't.

I'd have thought they'd benefit from tea room sales (etc.) were they to open for three hours across the lunchtime period.

dg writes: The focus is the house and gardens, not the tea room.
Time Team filmed an episode there as they tried to unpick the history of the buildings.

If I remember, Time Team's work ended up forcing the owners to re-write the guide book due to their discoveries.
Thanks DG, another place to add to my go to list!

The Chess River is very near there, and a lovely walk so it might make sense to combine the two
Thanks for reminding me that I never did finish the Chess River walk from Rickmansworth that you posted about a few years ago, so it looks like I can add the Manor to the incentive to complete it now.
Gardens look lush. Never knew about this and it looks really interesting. Ta.

The 'no interior photos' justification seems a bit counterproductive given we're in the social media age and with their visitor demographic in need of a boost it would seem. Especially as they have no apparent qualms about having the interiors all over TV and film. Still, each to their own - but I'd have loved to have seen some inside shots.

Top stuff.
Brings back memories of taking the 336 from Watford to Chorleywood in the 1950/60s for a Saturday afternoon picnic and game of cricket on the Common.

TV and Film companies pay lots of money for the privilege!

Perhaps they don't want the interiors becoming over familiar?
Mikey C

Public visitors also pay. If the interiors are special then circulating images will actually bring people in.
I love this quiet corner not too far from me - the house and gardens are splendid and the church is fascinating too.
Incidentally the 336 hasn't served Chenies for some years and as you say its recently become the 103 one of The Chiltern Hundreds as Marketed by Carousel.

dg writes: I think the timetable on the abandoned bus stops was from 2015.
Nice timing for me. I was in Chenies at the weekend showing guests from abroad a 'quaint English village'. I've walked around there and the Chess Valley in general a fair few times and being a working man I've rued that I will have to wait several more decades to fit with the manor's opening hours.

Cornish Cockney, I find the better walk is to start at Chalfont+Latimer tube (or Amersham if you've got plenty of time) and walk downstream towards Rickmansworth. You can also detour up the (steep) hill to Chenies on one side, and the (steeper) hill to Sarratt on the other.
My earlier reference to traffic - which you were untroubled by - related to the nearby M25 which I would need to use to return home at the end of any visit.

There is simply NO known instance of the M25 in that area being other than jam-packed solid at 5pm on ANY weekday.
@Graham I that was the direction DG took as well. As it's been so long since I did the first (lower) stretch, I think I might just do the whole lot again, taking your advice, thanks.
Looks splendid.

Seeing where it is located brought back memories of a slog from Chalfont Stn to a conference centre place nearby. It was a roasting hot day and I was not in the best state upon eventual arrival. The joys of not owning a car.

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