please empty your brain below

RM4 1QL sounds perversely enticing but wtf is a chicken coated chalet? Is it painted chickens, real ones or covered in KFC bargain buckets? Just interested as a potential future resident. Got to be better than seeing some of the places in Spain retirees go to to 'live the dream'
Sunset Drive sounds like a bafflingly popular sitcom starring a big name actor well past their prime
Edward the Confessor's hunting lodge was the "Bower" in Havering-atte-Bower. The ring in Havering's coat of arms alludes to the legend that the king, on meeting a beggar, told him "I have no money, but I 'have a ring' ".

But the place is usually now pronounced with a long "a", as in "I'm havering over whether to believe that legend"

Clearly there is a need to walk further than the cricket ground…

…and Southgate Green would like to dispute your wild claim about “ no other London settlement…”

dg writes: tweaked, thanks.
I was drafting my comment mentally but Stephen got in first, so now I don’t need to.
I’m surprised you haven’t been to Havering-atte-Bower before, since the London Loop passes through the middle of it.

dg writes: I have.
I used to go to the house in Bedfords Park which housed a museum including stuffed birds of prey. That dates it rather. The 238 bus used to terminate further in Noak Hill at the Pentowan Cafe but was a casualty of mass reduction in bus provision following the 1958 Bus Strike.
I love the idea of a cross between Switzerland and Butlins, and I am tempted to put my name down! The street-lamp in your photo is a top-entry Thorn Beta 5 by the way, probably from around 1980. The swan-neck bracket is probably from the same era, so not sure if thaty would qualify as "ancient"? The post is almost certainly older, but given the height probably no earlier than the 1930s.
I know my voice is (rightly) small and my opinion insignificant but a big thank you for the 2x2 non-flashing pics. Makes it much easier to read than the flasher version.
Final paragraph - The overriding atmosphere isn't quite lawless, more wayward, .....with plenty of guard dogs in evidence.

I lived near that area for 40 years.

You would be walking through RM1 up to Havering-atte-Bower, not RM3.
Funny, I have started running the London Loop in chunks (also testing public transport in and out), on Saturday did Enfield Lock to Chingford but the week prior did the chunk that ends at Havering etc. Funny coincidence. I missed the round house but I saw the stables coming in from Wellingtonia Avenue and they deserve more than one word , I thought. They look like grand period stables seen from the woods and give an idea of what must have been the size of the Havering hall.
You missed the oldest surviving building in the parish. Facing the village green Blue Boar Hall is a timber-framed house of the early 17th century, with later additions including a 19th-century brick front. It was an inn in 1712, but was no longer licensed in 1762. It is rumoured that the Inn got its name after an archer shot a blue boar at the site. Queen Elizabeth I was staying at the Palace at the time and sent for the archer to ask if it were true. The archer claimed that the boar turned blue with fear at the sight of his arrow.... “Blue I saw him as plain as I see the cup of good Essex ale your Grace hath ordered your steward to give me at my outgoing”. Amused by his humour, the Queen frequently invited him to the Palace.

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