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Now here's an odd thing. Do you suppose that the Team London Bridge is involved? I came across them last year and they seemed to know what they were doing. But, there is nothing on their website about it, although it is regularly updated. So, if they ar not, why not? Could iit have something to do with a line item in the press release that announces "The Boris Awards"? Methinks this should have been in the BoJoWatch category.

I applied for something a while back where I was volunteering my services for free. They wanted all applications online and you had to edit their Microsoft Word document. In pre-decent Open Office days I thought that was unbelievable cheek and shortsightedness - especially as they were the sort of organisation who would claim to want to attract a broad mix of people in a non-discriminantry way.

Is Twitter in the same time zone as HaloScan?

Surely all applications should be in quill pen on parchment? Always assuming that piglet jugglers and the like could write...

"to participate, you need to register [follow link]

"Registration costs only £15 GBP for artists and performers. This is a nominal charge to cover the cost of running this site and preparing for the Festival"

Its an expensive business being a pig-juggler these days, innit?

What if you just turn up and juggle?

Probably charge you double for the cheek of turning up without paying to turn up. They are stupid enough to do so.

What would they think if us ordinary folk just Twittered in our attendance at the do itself, instead of being there in real life ("Life? You mean....out there?" © Victoria Wood)

Have you seen the name of the bloke who has set up the twitter page? Greg Tallent. Hmmm.

"What if you just turn up and juggle?"

Sounds like a flashmob rallying cry. I'll be the one with the Gloucester Old Spots.

Twitter isn't the global snowball it claims to be anyway, there are only 1.2m regular users, most of whom (like me) have registered as companies to secure their position in case it really does take off and someone starts misusing your company name.

Yep, and the hype is entirely based on who uses it. The people that use twitter are often those in the PR/advertising/journalism sectors (or in this case, event management), who, because of their powerful influence over what the rest of us see and hear, have a massive ability to project how 'wonderful' it is.

This led to an amusing argument on Channel 4 news last night, in which John Snow insisted twitter was responsible for the success of an online video, whilst a guest said that it wasn't. The latter was probably right - apparently, it had been tweeted about 30,000 times, but viewed some 800,000. QED.

So not only is twitter not particularly useful in other real life applications, but we are told the opposite.

Rant over!

I found this video, The Twouble With Twitter, amusing.

Isn't this the same bunch that were behind the shambles of the London Bridge Zombie flash mob?

Details of how not to run an event can be found here:

Well I just had to go to Wikipedia to find out what twitter is, and I'm still not sure!
Sounds like plain twit would be more appropriate.

If anyone does juggle piglets, you will take pictures, won't you?

Them new-fangled moving pictures would be good.

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