please empty your brain below

Is this a new tube line proposal?
The campaign to construct a new tube line to connect Regent's Park to a new station on the Victoria line starts here
A new Zone Tree perhaps?
Now, what other shapes can we come up with?
Christmas tree disposal zone.
New box of crayons for Christmas?
Ho ho ho
Introducing the Christmas Line*

*special fares apply in December
Monument towards Bermondsey is interesting.
Shouldn’t Angel be at the top ?
Ah I see now, it’s the correct answer to the game Mornington Crescent.
As an occasional childhood visitor from the Waterloo hinterland, this perfectly encapsulates my 1960s London experience.
As far as I can work out, the segments which don't actually exist are:

* Great Portland Street to Victoria Line
* Regent's Park to Victoria Line
* Angel to Farringdon
* Bank to Jubilee Line

Is that it?
No (there's one more)
You’ve covered up lots of the baubles, except at embankment.
I didn't know Stegosauri were green.
Re BC: Also Euston Square to Overground I guess.

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