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Twitter, Facebook, etc. How does everyone find the time? Surely life's too short? Whilst I am a fairly regular follower of DG, my own blog is lucky if it gets 3 entries a year... Lest you think I'm a sad individual, let me reassure you that I have many friends and a very healthy social life!

Thanks for that, DG.
I'd much rather read your concise summary of 3 years twittering, than joining the ranks of the followers/followed myself!

I've given Tweeting a try, and to be honest, aprt from the odd interesting tweet a lot of it is banal nonsense. However it really comes into it's own for news gathering of breaking news. Using sites like it's been great for finsing what's trending right now, sometimes even before the news headlines get things.
The fire in Dean Street last year was a perfect example. Looking at who was tweeting and following the links I was able to see pics taken only seconds before and also some people transmitting live video from their mobiles. It was another half hour before the BBC even mentioned it, by which time I was onto the next breaking news.

Stalkers' delight, Twitter. It scares me how much people freely give away to anyone who can be bothered to look. I hope they don't live to regret it.

You should read this news item then:


I find all social networking pointless. I don't need my esteem boosted by the number of "friends" I have on Facebook, or read everyones banal drivel. I don't need to live in the goldfish bowl which is Twitter.
And I don't even need up-to-the-minute news. I'll get to hear it anyway, so who cares about being being 'first'?

One use of Twitter for us non-league fans is that we can get a running commentary from pitchside totally unavailable anywhere else see for example

Hey I use twitter to direct them to my blog, because all that I find interesting goes up on my blog - so then, I don't want to repeat it on twitter. But I do want to share my blog. And it is easier to update all your friends on twitter than it is via email.

Didn't realise it looked so bad :-)

Your paragraph on community is beautifully put.

On the publicity point though I think what you describe does cover some people, but there are also people who share news stories in a helpful way, just as in the past someone might have sent an email saying "Did you see the story in today's Standards about the new train station plans?".

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