please empty your brain below

I can highly recommend SELCHP (South East London Combined Heat and Power). Able to handle decent crowds as rather than operating a tour, they let you wander around in a set path, with staff stationed regularly to explain stuff and answer questions. I even got to lift 5 tonnes of rubbish and drop it into the incinerator (with a giant claw rather than my bare hands), which was certainly not something I was expecting to happen going in!
I did read some time ago that an Australian Cricket team stayed at the hotel and left a lasting impression or two on the ceiling at the top of the main stairs following an impromptu batting practice. Whether it's true or not I don't know, but could the "impressions" still be there?
I did this as well in 2002. I was only six at the time, but I remember it well. We went to see the works at St Pancras International too - if this happened today we wouldn't have made it through the ballot!
In 2011, St Pancras Chambers and the Clock Tower did not participate in Open House, but the hotel did.

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