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Back in the day, Pyl Brook ran between the banknote printer Bradbury Wilkinson (now the Tesco Extra New Malden) and my daily walk from the level crossing into Raynes Park County Grammar School.
At this point Pyl Brook was also the boundary between the postal area of "Surrey" (now KT3) and "London SW20"
'...rather longer if you're a water molecule.'
Typical DG - I loved it !
Is this the precursor to a new series, wherein you visit all the pylons of London?
Welcome back Unlost Rivers.
This one seems to be a particularly un-loved river too, but you still managed to make it interesting.
I think it was well worth it! So the question is was the Pyl Brook an Anglo-Saxon boundary as featured in the Domesday book which is still a boundary today (Merton/Sutton)?
Pyl Brook near West Barnes level crossing was, so far as I know, never a local government boundary - just a Post Office boundary. Traditionally the Post Office has turned down requests to alter post-codes to match local authority areas.
Beverley Brook, by contrast, has for many years been the boundary between the LBs of Kingston and Merton and, before that, between the Borough of Malden and Coombe and the Merton and Morden UDC - both in the administrative council of Surrey. But whether in this area its original status is of Anglo-Saxon origin ...
It's very interesting to read the first comment above about the river having run past a banknote printer. Where it crossed the Sutton Bypass it ran beside the Pobjoy Mint which I believe was (and maybe still is) the largest private mint in Europe, minting currency for some small overseas territories as well as commemorative coins and medals etc. It would have been on the site of the self-storage warehouse you mention. Based on a brief internet search, it seems the mint moved from Sutton to Kingswood in Surrey in 1997.
World of Golf, as made famous by Stewart Lee...
My hopes were raised - something interesting in Sutton at last! But no, sadly I have to agree with your conclusion that 'none of this walk is worth the effort'.
A short section of the Pyl Brook, on the north-east side of the bungaloid Trafalgar Avenue [Worcester Park] is the boundary between the London Boroughs of Sutton and Merton as well as that between KT4 and SM4 [Morden] postal districts.

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