please empty your brain below

Wondered about your tweet of 4 Feb, in which you went on about the weather and submarines.
Mystery solved, I will definitely visit, looks like a great day out.

True story: An Australian woman I worked with was going there for the weekend - to do some sailing I think - and thought that the name was pronounced Go Sport

I am reminded of coming back from Ireland on Slattery's bus down the M4 with a pair of Dubliners coming to the UK for the first time who thought the 'University of Reading' displayed a remarkable lack of ambition. Also true story

Gosport was always the place that people in Portsmouth laughed at. The residents of Portsmouth used to gather by the quayside of an evening and point at the Gosport residents returning home.

I am reminded of the story of two MPs in France. They drive past a sign saying ESSENCE ICI. On remarked to the other how satisfying it was to see the British company, ICI, having such a strong market presence in France.

'Reithian flair' eh? Rare commodity. Think I might go.

Good read, thanks! The old MoD facility at Gosport (Haslar) - now operated by QinetiQ - has a lot of curious things in it too, which are sadly not as open to the public. Best things there are the massive water tanks used to test the efficiency of propellers, submarines etc. including the "towing tank" - a massive 400m or so long swimming pool. Sadly the MoD isn't using it as much as it used to, so the most use this tank has got recently is by some of the British Olympic canoeing team for practice (as it's so long and flat!)

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