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k, cool.
No Cycling. But... but it looks like a cycle lane.

Nice shot.
Hmmm, the power of pestering...
"Why can't we ride our bikes through the tunnel?"
"Because we say not"
"But it's rotten having to push them"
"Oh, please can we ride them?"
"Awww, please... we promise we'll be good"
"Oh, alright then... so long as you promise to be careful"
No busker? The acoustics in there are beyond belief.
Both tunnels used to be quite busy before the respective DLR extensions opened, especially Greenwich with tourists doing the DLR to Islands Gardens then the tunnel to the Royal Observatory.

Of course when the Woolwich Arsenal and Docks were still open there was a lot of foot traffic.

I knew without the caption it was Woolwich rather than Greenwich foot tunnel, because: no-one's cycling.
The difference in usage between the Woolwich and the Greenwich tunnel is stark. You'd need to be in the Greenwich tunnel about 0300 to find the Greenwich tunnel empty.
I have walked the Greenwich tunnel in pitch darkness when the lighting failed - that was seriously weird.
Cycling. The Greenwich tunnel is a key link in the national cycle network. There are discussions between the tunnel "friends" group and LB Greenwich about possible alterations to the bylaws to make cycling permissible at quieter times.
Is this the creepiest place in London? There's the constant churning from the Woolwich ferries, seemingly threatening to burst through into the tunnel at any minute. Then, on the one occasion I walked through the tunnel, a deafening and indescribable noise that came from nowhere and everywhere at once. In time, of course, the source revealed itself as nothing more than a large dog enjoying the acoustics but while it was hidden from sight the effect was terrifying.
the problem with cycling through the tunnel is that sometimes when you reach the other end you find that the lift isn't working so you have to walk up the stairs carrying the bike. I've had to do that more than once and there are a LOT of stairs.
Since the refurbishments there are signs at each end telling you whether the lifts are working, which should help to avoid getting to the other end and having a nasty surprise.

I went through the tunnel at the weekend and it was empty enough to sensibly cycle through. The person ahead of me was perhaps a bit less responsible - racing fast to try to catch the lift before the doors closed.
In less than 24 hours, this has become my most-favourited photo on Flickr, ever.
Well dg. It is a great photo.
I thought photography was banned in the tunnels by bylaw (ostensibly because the flash could cause someone to have an epileptic seizure which paramedics would have trouble attending to). Unless you've got a licence from Greenwich LBC, which I wouldn't actually be surprised about.

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