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It's a shame you didn't go inside the Lowry as the gallery is excellent even if it is very hidden inside!

Also don't worry about but going inside the MediaCity buildings. They're not that exciting inside!
It's not very obvious that the target of the guns on HMS Belfast point at London Gateway services - but it's clear what's in the sights of the tank outside IWM North.

I got to have a sneaky look around the Corrie set last year - the Street itself is just as you'd see it on telly, but the backlot has interesting bits and pieces like a Newton & Ridley delivery van, various Weatherfield City Council signs, and matte paintings of small houses, presumably to be placed at the edge of shot.
oh you must go back and go inside the Lowry.
Coronation Street first moved to an outside set in 1968, which was then located on the opposite side of the bonded warehouse:

This was then replaced with the "American Street" as part of the Granada Studios tour with the second outdoor set opening in 1982. Interestingly you did actually get a picture of the back of "Roy's Rolls" on the old set in the background of this picture at the museum of Science and Industry:

dg writes: Incorrect paragraph updated, thanks.
So if the quays are in Salford, does the Manchester Ship canal not actually get to Manchester?
Timbo - the ship canal goes to to more docks (Pomona) closer to Manchester, and it connects with the Bridgewater Canal closer to the city.

The River Irlam also flows into the canal.
Ah, my old stomping ground. unrecognisable almost nowadays to 40 years ago.
Really enjoyed these posts - Manchester's a great city to explore. (As is Salford, natch.)
I used to live on Coronation Street - number 4 if you care.

Salford was a bit of a dive back then (mid to late 90s) and the Ordsall area where Coronation St is was often a no-go area at night (almost impossible to get a taxi). Pretty much everyone who brought a car to ours had at least one window smashed in overnight.

The docks were fun though, used to enjoy the Manchester v Salford boat races every year.
"Pomona docks, closer to Manchester,"

But actually in Stretford (part of Trafford borough) and no more (or less) part of Manchester than Salford is. Hence City's claim to be the only team in Manchester.

(Not really off topic, as it is all germane to Salford's separate identity from Manchster)

dg writes: (blatantly on-topic)
When I was around 8 to 13ish from 1965 to 1971 we used to visit my Aunt in Stretford, who was a club singer in the Manchester area. Coming from north east Surrey and being used to RT the red Manchester buses were a bit odd but not as odd as the green Salford buses. The Salford buses seemed to be ancient and changed their destination blinds from the outside with winders over the engine. In some parts of the city near Old Trafford, the old back to backs had been knocked down leaving just the roads intact. Near the end of my visits the buses changed to SELNEC.
Salford used to have a very strong identity, separate from Manchester. When I lived in Manchester, in the '60s, Salford Corporation ran a fleet of immaculately turned out, dark green buses, which - almost uniquely in England - carried no advertising. "We run buses, not advertising hordings..."
Blimey, DG did you do all of the things in the last few days posts on a one day visit to Manchester including travel from London? I can't believe how much you pack into a single day.

Really interesting posts on a city I know little about.
Left London 7.30am, returned to London 10pm, and yes, all of that inbetween.

The two keys to a jam-packed day are:
• forward planning
• no breaks for sit-down food
The BBC and ITV studios at MediaCityUK are close enough that the BBC building is visible out the window of Granada Reports's studio. If the camera angle's right you can see the BBC logo right next to the presenter's head, which is somewhat awkward.

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