please empty your brain below

That's the sort of bad joke I'd do...


How's that freezing breeze that seems to numb one's ears? Was there on Friday and had to wrap a scarf around my head. Just to ensure I looked like a tourist visiting from London..

The opening section of the novel "Tipping the Velvet' is set in the 1860s oyster scene of Whitstable. Well worth a read.

I recently discovered the delights of Whitstable. It's wonderful!

this post pulled at my heart strings - my dad's from whitstable and i spent many a half-term with my grandparents there until they passed away. sadly, i've never had the opportunity to go back - it was a dump in the 70s from what i remember.

people keep saying how great it is now - i must save up for a trip. thank you, DG

how coincidental - i spotted an albino squirrel the other day here not one hundred yards from my house

DG, you're *such* a fibber!

Everyone knows that Oysters are £3 a go... or (shockingly) free with one of those Travelcard thingies...


Good one DG, I almost felt I was there!

I went to Whitstable yesterday and your blog entries are more informative than
I am so glad I checked your blog before I went. So thank you!

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