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You last walked the Islington part of the New River Path just over a decade ago. Has anything changed?

Islington Museum and London Metropolitan Archives have temporary displays. What was the best, or your favourite, in whatever history you can find?
How about a walk around the gardens and squares of Islington? Having done a walk myself on this subject I was surprised at the number and variety of architectural styles I saw. Opened my eyes about Islington. The London Gardens Trust has a useful guide.
I have 3 suggestions that I hope are worthy of a visit:-
a) The Union Chapel (19b Compton Terrace, N1 2UN)
b) the large building that (using GOOGLE Earth) appears to have 10 swimming pools on its roof! It's on Esther Anne Place.
c) The Angel (tube station, pub, etc.)
There's a tall Italianate tower somewhere near Holloway Prison that I've never managed to pinpoint, to get to, or to find out what it is. I, for one, would love to know more.
Try to find the Angel Islington. In Neil Gaiman's 'Neverwhere' it is an actual angel, but there are probably other manifestations...
I've always had a soft spot for the Business Design Centre building.
Please can you explore Thornhill Square? I've walked around it a few times, and wondered what it would be like to live there. It's out of my price range.
Caledonian Park. Is the tower the only relic of what was once there and can you really get up it?
Goswell Road? Have you explored Northampton Square (home of City University) properly for example?

The area around Barnard park is attractive.
Mildmay Park, the closed station on the North London Line.
I was going to say Gillespie park, but I see you went there in 2010. I then thought maybe the HS1 vent on Corsica Street, but that's deeply boring. I then thought perhaps the Marx Memorial Library, but I see you went at least near in 2005. Then, thanks to the mention towards the end of today's post, I thought maybe St James's church near Clerkenwell Green, but you've probably been there.
When I was doing walks borough by borough, I noticed how lacking Islington was in terms of large open spaces. Now don’t get me wrong, Highbury Fields, the New River, etc are very nice, but nothing on the scale of Regents Park, Victoria Park, Hyde Park, etc. Is there something to say about this?
The changes at ashburton grove, though this might be tricky to bring to life in words.
Any triple points on the boundaries with the City, Hackney and Camden.
Canonbury Tower.
The LTNs, you're guaranteed (web)traffic with that content!
Keystone Crescent

London Canal Museum

Green Spaces: Islington has the fewest of any London Borough (by %age to area)
> Joseph Grimaldi Park
> Bingfield Park
> various Squares with gardens
> Barnard Park
> Islington Green
> etc.
Charterhouse, Glasshouse Yard and/or the Metropolitan Borough of Finsbury, so that you cover the London Borough of Islington without covering the Metropolitan Borough of Islington.
The Parkland Walk winds through a variety of Islington locales, and there are old station platforms and other railway paraphernalia, along with the wildlife
Thanks everyone.

One of your suggestions, unexpectedly, is quite close to my idea so I'll start by writing that up.

Then I'll scan through the rest of your inventive list for a follow-up.

(submissions remain open)
How about Barnsbury Wood? Think it's the smallest local nature reserve in London. Anything on Pentonville Prison round the corner? Or former Holloway Prison now a development site.

Caledonian Road in this area is also a fascinating slice of North London with a lot of history.
ap - some of the park fencing is original from the cattle market - making it far more structural than a park fence really needs.

There's also some information about the tolpuddle martyr protests which occured in that spot

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