please empty your brain below

"Essex Road is where civilisation hits"
Excellent set of posts. Thank you.
And Colebrook Row is where our beloved leader Boris lives too, big house next to the Regent's Canal.
Wow like DG I never twigged that that lovely green bit behind Angel tube (Colebrook Row) and also Clissold Park were New River-related. It pops up everywhere in North London it seems.

Quite coincidentally I'm doing a walk with some friends this Sunday through some Enfield parks, so I'm going to name-check the New River at Arnos Park (one of the old meanders, since filled in) and Enfield Park, and we'll wish it a Very Happy Birthday and drink its health at that lovely pub on the beautiful bit in Enfield Town.
Such a great review of the New River. I walked it from Alexandra park to the head and found your description incredibly helpful and interesting. thanks.

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