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Bødø, Norway - 67°16′48″N 14°24′0″E
(We took the train from Oslo - I think you'd like it)
John O'Groats in Scotland.
Gulffoss waterfall, Iceland
Somewhere in Scotland
Stockholm (a little further north than Thurso).
Saxa Vord on Unst, Shetland. Though airborne, somewhere just off the far north of Norway.
Exactly the same as me, albeit late last year
North Cape, Norway. 71°10′21″N 25°47′04″E,furthest north on a public road in Europe, on my Norton Commando 750.
Helsinki, not very far north but far enough for it to hardly get dark in summer.
Ivalo, Finland
Somewhere around Tomintoul on a childhood trip to Scotland in the 90s.
57°15'2.98"N 3°22'40.95"W
Levi, Finland
Gavle, Sweden
Millport, Isle of Cumbrae, Scotland. But we went through Glasgow to get there which is slightly further north.
Only Edinburgh. Will be Dundee in about 6 weeks
Helsinki 60°10′15″N. Live on Stronsay, 59.1°N.
Ny Alesund (Svalbard)
Stockholm Central Station. 59° 20' 7.4247"N 18° 3' 21.091"E
Funnily enough, just outside Edinburgh, the road to Tantallon Castle.
If you look at the map, it's even further north than Moscow!
Most likely, Laufás Museum, Iceland - north of Akureyri.
Fort William, Scotland
Oslo Airport (slightly north of 60 degrees).
Just north of the Forth Bridge - 56°01'37"N 3°25'41"W
Tromsø in Northern Norway
Trondheim, Norway
Vigelandsparken, Oslo
Around Cantwell / Denali National Park, Alaska
Pori, Finland
Somewhere near Kiruna or Jukkasjärvi in Sweden - around 67°51′N.

Has anyone been to Longyearbyen on Svalbard? 78°13′N
Molde in Norway, on a fjord cruise
Same as martin above - Bodo, Norway.

I loved Inter-rail!!
Uppsala, Sweden 59°51′29″ N
Oslo for North
N: Bergen Zoo, Bergen, Norway
Husavik, Iceland
Tuktoyaktuk (Northwest Territories, Canada)
Gullfoss waterfall, Iceland
exactly the same place in Iceland
Tuusula, Finland
Further north in Iceland, Akureyri 65°41′N 18°06′W
Ritsem, Sweden. 67.7326 N 17.4655 E
Shockingly, Edinburgh (although the other compass points are more imoressive)
Sango Sands Oasis restaurant, Durness, Scotland, where I ate crofter's pie after cycling from Portmahomack.
Blackpool, UK
Newcastle city centre
Just a smidge further north from Gullfoss up onto the glacier on the mountain above the falls.
Kiruna - Sweden
Somewhere in Northern Inverness.
Gardermoen Airport, Oslo 60°12′10″N 011°05′02″E
Revelstoke, BC, Canada
Leningrad (in 1986)
Oslo Airport, Norway (49.153933, -125.907071)
Alesund, Norway
Elgin, Moray.
St Petersburg
Bodø, Norway - while Inter-Railing.
Siglufjörður, Iceland (66°11′0″ N, 18°53′0″ W), just last month.
Georgmas Jnc, Caithness
Höfn, Iceland
North: Helsinki (specifically, the airport)
Luostari, Russia (near Pechenga), 69°24'N, 31°6'E
Gander, Newfoundland
Narvik, Norway
Gulffoss is also as far north as I've been.
Arlanda Airport just north of Stockholm
Glasgow, for the Garden Festival in 1988.
Either North Bay, Ontario or Stirling Castle, Scotland
Helsinki Airport, 60°19'02"N, but probably somewhere further north over Russia on the way back from Tokyo (Narita)
Gulfoss, Iceland.
Yes, I've been to Longyearbyen 78_13N, and also to Pyramiden at 78_39N. But both are trounced by Amanda, this morning, at Ny-Alesund 78_55N. (All three are on Svalbard, highly recommended).
66°53' Oinas, Finland (a bike ride from Kemijärvi in the Arctic Circle)
Slightly east of Akureyri in northern Iceland
Cape Wrath (bit of a Scottish theme)
Same as DG: Gulffoss falls
Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge, Alaska
63.745869, -148.900948
Didn't stay here, but had to visit to pick up a coat I left on a bus.
The sea north of Husavik, Iceland (whale watching boat). Lots of your readers have been to Iceland.
Astride the Arctic Circle, north of Rovaniemi, Finland.
Also Gulffoss for me (not counting the places I've been over on great-circle transatlantic trips!)
Murmansk, around 69deg N. In December. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
Longyearbyen on Spitsbergen.
Anchorage Alaska. Was supposed to go to the North Slope but that trip was cancelled.
Exactly the same waterfall as DG.
Grimsey Island in Iceland. Just into the Arctic Circle.
Somewhere on GWR between Reading and Swindon.
If setting foot on it is required (if it is not the sea), then 221b Baker Street.
I made it a bit further north in Iceland - Asbyrgi. Not quite the Arctic but nearly.

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