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Nice to see today's post as an Edgware native. Although I do also note the spurious extra E in the middle of Edgewarebury has appeared a couple of times. Perhaps a deliberate nod to the common mis-spelling of the place?

dg writes: no, a mistake, sorry.
The cult space-surf-psych band Japanese Television have a track inspired by a tune played by (and named after) the Uncle Doovy van. Video.

2011? Oh. How time passes. Did you leave a stone?
Given its proximity to the M1 and mainline railway, is it noisy there?

dg writes: No.
ha. used to cycle here quite often when I lived in Colindale. there is a pedestrian/cycle/horses bridge over the M1 at the end of Edgwareburylane that's a pretty convenient and quiet way to Elstree and 'the countryside'.

Also, my clarinet repair guy lived on Edgwareburylane...
I once "deliberately turned off the A41 Edgware bypass" just to see what the area was like. Because like you I am a nosey/inquisitive sort. Plus I was stuck in traffic. The lorry in front when I turned off at Parkside Drive was just behind me when I rejoined at Kenilworth Road
Nice one. Must follow in your footsteps, as have been meaning to use the Edgwarebury Lane crossing of the M1 to do a loop up to Elstree, and will now divert through Broadfields and the cemetery first.
Further to the comment by BP, and as a former near-Edgware resident, may I nominate Edgware as the most-misspelled - or at least, the most often-misspelled - placename in London?
Happy memories! I went to Orange Hill Junior High school at the tip of the Broadfields Estate fingerprint for 3 years so walked those roads almost daily.

Although I travelled down Broadfields Avenue (south of the traffic lights) just 2 days ago I last set foot in the grid a year ago when I followed the Edgwarbury Brook from as near source as I could reach to its confluence with the Deans Brook.
I had intended to follow Clay Lane but it was too muddy so had to detour along Hartland Drive instead where I was surprised to see another estate being crammed in behind the much larger houses. Bet that's pleasing the residents no end!
I love this post! It's all-too-easy when ones experience is of the hurly-burly of inner city London to think of the binary "inside" and "outside" of London. The transition between the two rarely gets a look-in, so this sort of description is worth its weight in gold.
Excellent post.

Posts like tehse are exactly the reason I read the blog every day
Was in this block a week ago.
Finally found a cyclable route from the path near the roundabout at the bottom of the A41, past the only remaining structures of the Northern Heights Northern line extension to Bushey Heath.
Came out at the farm, then along Clay Lane, which is indeed very muddy after any rain.
Enjoyed your description of this area, which has huge contrasts in just one square kilometer.
As others have already said, a terrific post. Thank you - truly a return to top form.
A really great post, this why I read your blog every day.
Talking of Westminster Council leaders and cemeteries, I wonder who'll take Shirley Porter when her time comes.
I'm proud to report that I managed to go somewhere in London before you did. I mean, my dad had to die and be buried at Edgwarebury Cemetery to make that happen, but still...
This has reminded me that the very first flat I ever viewed to buy was somewhere near the shops on that estate, the only one I saw for a five-figure sum too
Haringay or Haringey would prefer Keith from Reading's nomination.
The spelling of Haringey was a deliberate contrivance when the London Borough was formed in 1965. Harringay is an area within the London Borough of Haringey.

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