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There are 29 separate railway lines that cross the Greater London boundary.
1-3 c2c (three branches)
4 Great Eastern Mainline
5-6 Central Line (twice)
7 East Anglia Main Line
8 Southbury Loop
9 Hertford Loop
10 East Coast Main Line
11 Midland Main Line
12 West Coast Main Line
13 Metropolitan Line
14 Chiltern Main Line
15 Great Western Main Line
16 Windsor Line
17 Shepperton branch
18 South West Main Line
19-21 Mole Valley Lines
22 Tattenham branch
23 Brighton Main Line
24 Caterham branch
25 Oxted branch
26 Southeastern Main Line
27 Chatham Main Line
28-29 Dartford Loop

Alternatively, there are 24 beyond zone 6.

There are 26 public river piers (according to TFL's river guide)

dg writes: Erm, 32?

Sorry to be a pedant (actually, I'm not sorry), but it is the London Assembly, not the Greater London Assembly...although given that that paragon of accuracy, the Evening Standard regulalry gets this wrong, you're probably forgiven.

26 Whitehall, aka the Ripley Building, was the first purpose-built office building in Great Britain.

It is possible to walk from 26 Whitehall through to the North Block of Admiralty Arch on the Mall, without venturing outside, thanks to various internal walkways and linking bridges.

There are twenty-six streets called "London Road" within London.\\_Road

dg writes: But when I counted, I got 16.
See "16".

I can't think of anything alphabetical (other than the A-Z guidebook) but that seems like a possible source for twenty-six. Is there an "alphabet city" or alphabet roads in London?

This might help:

101 Amazing Facts about London

dg writes: It might indeed, thanks. But it's 3 years out of date, and fact 1 is no longer true, and fact 3 includes racecourses that aren't actually in London, and fact 13 shouldn't include the DLR, and fact 15 is rubbish... (but I do like fact 12)

The only alphabet that I can find is Ben Eine's shopfront lettering in East London.\\_Eine\\_(artist)

His site isn't working for me, but there's a few flickr sets.

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