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I have in the past spent many a hot sunny afternoon strolling along the Pergola but have not been back for quite a few years, the last time I was there it looked in a pretty sad state, I shall definatly have to pay another visit this summer, another great blog DG, thanks.

I highly recommend the Golders Hill Park cafe especially the home made Italian ice cream (yum!)

in response to Fishislandskin the pergola was let to go to rack and ruin as was the house but within the last couple of years both have been splendidly restored. i presume the house is now a series of flats like the late lamented "Jack Straw's Castle"

Thanks DG, pointing out yet another gem in my backyard that I hadn't known about - don't know what I'd do without you!

It's posts like this that got me hooked on reading DG blog. Fantastic another place to visit the next time I'm in the UK.

Ooh! I remember "discovering" the Pergola whilst (pleasantly) lost during a walk on the Heath a couple of years back, and always wondered what it was. I'll have to go back and check it out properly.

are you serious about the comparison with canary wharf?

Oddly, the pergola is never all that busy. Having been a sort-of local for 10 years I've been many times and at all parts of the year and almost always find it quiet. The view from the south-western end is one of the most romantic spots in London.

Spring is my favourite time to visit. Lots of woodpeckers around. In summer, the area around the pergola sadly gets littered with spent condoms, thanks to the nocturnal liaisons that takes place in these parts.

I grew up about 5 miles from Hampstead Heath, but that whole area is still a complete mystery to me! I really need to spend more time exploring what's on my doorstep! Can't wait to find out what you discover about Barnet, as I'm sure it'll be news to me too!

The Pergola! That's what it was. We stumbled across that while filming a zombie movie for my stag do. Thanks DG!

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