please empty your brain below

If she reads your blog, DG, she will now be certain of your identity, with this second monster clue !
I think she likes you
The following morning, does she ever ask, "did you have a great evening"?

On a Monday morning, she must ask about your weekend, surely?

Have a nice great day!
I was looking to see if you had written about the Stratford Martyrs (burned at the stake 456 years ago today) and stumbled across your series on "High Street 2012". What happened next? What is the legacy like outside QEOP? Time for a revisit?
Jeepers, what is wrong with the people you work with??
Are you feeling guilty as a result of her constant 'questioning'?

So what happened when you said that? And did you have a better evening?
this is just the norm for the banality of office life i am afraid. it comes with the territory, along with people putting up notes in the shared kitchen ("dont use my mug" etc), people bringing cakes in when its their/someone elses birthday, cringeworthy office drinks, wacky "colins office trolley" types, smarmy self-serving managers on 80k a year - while everone else gets by on 20k, over heated offices with no windows, cramped desks, booth partitions, having to ask for the key for the staitionary cupboard, people saying "but thats the way its always been done!" when you suggest a less insane way to do things, bitchy supervisors who have been working there since age 16 and expect everyone else to do the same, people ignoring you for 6 months after you start working there, everyone in the office wearing headphones to avoid talking to people.

i could go on
Today's post reminds me of a bit by the late, great George Carlin...
I've come across a good method at interviews of determining whether an office will be a good environment or not - ask yourself the question, "Can I wear shorts here?".

If the answer's no, the chances are the office will be exactly as Dave described.

If the answer's yes, the chances are it'll be an enjoyable place to work.
Read along side the 'Hi, how are you' post I'm getting the faint but unmistakeable whiff of attraction. Not quite sure who fancies who more and the whiff is certainly seasoned with discomfort, unease or resentment stimulated by that attraction. At least one of you is supressing a "I really shouldn't be, but..." frisson.
There are probably a thousand good reasons not to 'go there' but if the daily salutations continue to grate you're gonna have to change smthn to avoid blowing a gasket. I'm the last one to cultivate greater familiarity even with colleagues I see every day but this itch ain't gonna go away on its own. If neither of you changes jobs any time soon, DG you're gonna have to shift the dynamic. Get in first with a halloo? Start making/fetching beverages? Wear earphones all day cutting yourself right off? Just to see if it breaks her habits - if that's what they are.
The correct reply must surely be, "And you!"

Hundreds of different emphases possible on that. Endless fun.

Alternatively obviously study your watch, then say, "Yep, I've already done 40 minutes more than I'm paid for!" or "I've been here since 8am you know!"
The correct answer is surely, thank you but I have made other arrangements.
@Debster - you got it down to a T - clearly an old hand at this sort of thing!
Work: That place where people who probably have nothing in common are grouped together for hours, days, weeks, months, years on end. Then one "loses" their job or retires. After which one may see things in a different light.
Try: "Want to share it with me?" That should be a win-win response, on the lines of "put up or shut up."
She seems a very pleasant lady, still wants to wish people well despite the fact that she isn't really in the mood to do so.
I had drafted and deleted a reply earlier with the "and you" reply but I see Blue Witch has got in first. I've used "and you" in all sorts of situatons with a pleasant intent and not being bitchy. It can, of course, work both ways depending on context and intent.

The more I read of DG's office life the more pleased I am that I left my last job and haven't returned to office life. I'm no longer lumbered with the boss's duties of being nice and pleasant to everyone and having to remember to be equally nice to everybody so no one feels left out or can turn their "treatment" into some sort of grievance. People can be so odd about the most mundane of things.
Absolutely agree Dave and Grumpy Anon. The joys of office life !!!!!
Some office types I have come across have been the Office Bully......sending poor souls to Coventry and making their lives Hell because they haven taken over a departed colleagues position. The Office Flirt......."Can you see my knickers as I very deliberately slowly climb the stairs in my very short skirt ????" The Office Shmoozers......There is no more popular gal than the bosses daughter !!!!! The Office Cheapskate..taking a biro apart to check the ink had really ran out !, The Office Romeo...No I do not want to come into the stationery cupboard with you/ want a hug etc etc. !!!!. ......based on personal experience and what I have witnessed !!!!!!!!
@Lynn said
The Office Flirt......."Can you see my knickers as I very deliberately slowly climb the stairs in my very short skirt ????"

Yeah I really wish Colin from Accounts wouldn't do that, it is really off putting
@ Barry, Top reply !!
@ Lynn - I think I've worked in rather different offices to you. I only really recognise the Office Bully and even then just in mild form.
Hello PC,Sadly it's all true. I managed to escape to happier and more professional offices I am glad to say. Older and wiser !!

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