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Thank you for this lovely post. Having grown up in Metroland myself, it will always feel like home. Love going on the Met after having been away for a while. I look forward to reading about your adventures this month.
I expect you've come acros this nugget already, but if not then you might be interested to know that Finchley Rd station also marks the southern limit of the ice sheet in the last ice age.
The Met is (was) "home" for me too - Wembley, where I was born, and Watford, where we later lived. So I too am looking forward to this month's exploits even more than normal. The romance of Metroland still exists even today, as your tube-a-logue captures...
What happened to Amersham?
You can imagine Betjeman pausing at Rickmansworth. When I was a child, a five-minute pause at Ricky was obligatory while they removed the electric locomotive and replaced it with a steam engine.
If you're doing the "Met" then don't forget the East London Line.

Incidentally, they will be "Steam on the H&C" in a couple of years time using Met No.1.
The public school adverts at Northwood could be aimed at the families of servicemen based at the nearby military establishment.
Out of interest, where should the stress go in Chorleywood?

DG was on a Chesham train, which turns off the main line at Chalfont. Amersham is where it always was, one stop further up the main line from Chalfont.

I have always assumed the station after Rickmansworth is pronounced with the stress on the last syllable.
Note that until 1964 the station name was two separate words, and it is convnetional for two-word names to have the stress on the second word (Edgware ROAD, Colliers WOOD, Kings CROSS, Warwick AVENUE, Mansion HOUSE, Notting Hill GATE, Green PARK, Hounslow EAST, East ACTON, Acton TOWN, Oxford CIRCUS. The exception is where the second word is "Street" - as in OXFORD Street.
when you leave Chesham station, make sure you turn left; on my only visit, about 2 years ago, I turned right, which leads straight into a light industrial estate. I was exploring quite randomly, and finally found the real Chesham centre, a very attractive place.
You may also care to see the video for Metroland by OMD, which sort-of tells the story of the Met Line's popularity destroying the very rural idyll that it claimed to take you to (or sell a house to you in).
Tim - that video was the first link in Saturday's post, if anybody spotted it :)
Note the interesting collection of old photos of the station inside the waiting room at Chesham.

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