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Si ca change....

Back in 1963 the new diesel boats proved so unreliable they had to press the paddle steamer back into service (named "Gordon", after the general - not after Thomas the Tank Engine's friend as I supposed at the time)
Southall is zone 4 while Ealing Broadway is zone 3, I can’t remember the price structures but does this mean a nice little earner of funnelling the residents of Hayes and Southall onto Crossrail a couple of stops earlier.

dg writes: It's only 20p extra off-peak (but 90p extra at peak times).
Quite surprises the dangleway has a South Terminal. I guess this is the North Greenwich terminal, just to make it very confusing!
Obviously the dangleway has a south terminal otherwise it would fall down.
Your opening photo had me wondering if Geofftech was guest editing today
"Which tube stations have the most litter bins?...I nipped round and did some counting of my own".

Well, we all have our own ways of filling the long days that retirement offers!
I assume the cut the 427 releases enough hybrids to remove the remaining diesel E400s from the 207 and 427, although some of the hybrids are now over 10 years old and I'm not sure if they are still using the original batteries.
Dangleway News: I assume you're joking!!!
The suggestion to use the 207 or 607 is typical TfL weasel words. The 207 hasn't covered the whole length of the Uxbridge Road for years, and there is an awkward 2 hour gap late evening, when the 607 stops for the night but the N207 along the entire length hasn't yet started, just as many people are likely to be heading home. For me that means the journey home inevitably includes a long wait changing buses at a windswept stop somewhere along the route. It's that sort of thing that tempts many people to drive rather than catch the bus.
Dangleway: Sheesh, for £20 they couldn't even throw in a free crossing!

Nice transport roundup today.
The Woolwich Ferry has been a disgrace for years, when you combine the problems with the new boats with the industrial relations problems.

Making people change from a direct bus to Crossrail also means (if you're paying on PAYG) two separate fares. At some point that anomaly ought to be resolved.
An insider told me that one of the new ferries was so badly damaged when an inexperienced captain tried to "dock" it, that it may have to go back to Poland for repairs.
*Exceptionally* boring pedantry: the underused Jubilee line platform at Stratford is 13, not 15.

dg writes: fixed, thanks.
How about we all chip in a quid and buy DG a Teddy Bear Experience?
Ah, I assumed that the Woolwich Ferry closure was for Silvertown Tunnel PR purposes.
Sometimes I wonder if you are just making these dangleway 'experiences' up, the become more ridiculous each time
How does Tooting Bec have 3 bins and 2 recycling? Where are they hiding? I've only ever seen the one bin on the platform.
Unless my eyesight has completely gone, does Southfields have no litter bins? Perhaps Wimbledon Park next door pinched a single one to keep the Wombles happy.
I assume there are bins in non public areas. Have these been accounted for?
At least there are local alternatives to the Woolwich Ferry. Be glad you're not on a Scottish island and at the mercy of CalMac.
How many bins are London Underground paying to have emptied? Was the information gleaned from cleaning contracts?
It'll be fun and games along our end of the Uxbridge Road when the 427 is withdrawn, as the 207 is pretty packed at the best of times. Wouldn't it have been nice to have that tram that so many people complained about all those years ago.!
@ 18 March 2023. For all of the work, the ferry is apparently still not providing a weekend service

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