please empty your brain below

Looks like you were dreaming last night.
Although the West Ham scenario you picture looks attractive , it does not explain the future of the running track. Perhaps it could be covered with removable seating. Why should the Rugby World cup fill the ground? Twickenham has a fine new stadium now.
West Ham making an arrangement with Essex County Cricket seems interesting.
I hope the stadium goes to West Ham.

Funny stuff. I support Spurs and oppose the move (like every other Spurs supporter I know). That said, I don't think you were entirely fair in your "prediction." (Which I guess should've been expected from a Gooner).

Anyway, a move might well be a huge success, but that doesn't make it the right thing to do.

Surely, 2013 West Ham kick off in the newly renamed Sir Robin Wales stadium, his final bung from West Ham for securing them £40million.

Looking forward to picking up some Chas and Dave records in the Westfield boot sale. Geertcha!

It could be made into a giant kitten appreciation centre instead of a football pitch.

I like the McDs stadium names! Although I'm not sure such a large multinational would be that interested once the Olympics are over. How about the 'Morley's MMMM It tastes better Chicken Arena'? Or is that a bit too south London?

Either way it looks like a lose-lose situation!

Oh, look what the Arsenal supporter says :P


Actually, I bet consideration has been given to making it an immigration centre, or an overflow prison.

The "mega-mosque" that was planned for the area is still looking for a venue.

A few minarets to replace the floodlights, and a quick conversion is achieved.

Conversion in all senses of the word?

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