please empty your brain below

I think your analysis shows that TfL itself has never taken the Dangleway seriously as a genuine mode of public transport. Because if they had, they would have taken steps to integrate it with other parts of the network running nearby.
Seeing Good Hotel on your map I would never have believed that was an actual name had I not seen it for real!

I've since wondered why they didn't plump for Excellent Hotel, or even Very Good Hotel!
The Waterman, the northern most residential building south of the dangleway, is 450m away from the Ecology Park bus stop. This is over the 400m goal TfL has, in a surprising and well connected location. The Arora, the only residential building north of the dangleway, only just meets this goal.

I would be interested to read about the road changes following the City Hall move.
Good post. That first picture caught my eye. Atfirst I thought it was a plume of steam from an old loco. Then, an escaped cloud trapped in the station. I really must stop looking at this blog on the phone- or else put my glasses on...
The brand is "Good Hotel" because they claim to be a social business, doing good work. I have no idea how effective they are, but they're always very tolerant of swimmers popping in to use the loos.
2 day routes, 1 night route, 1 dangleway and a DLR station. Wonder why it deserves a spider map and not other places with more routes!

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