please empty your brain below

This'll be Local History Month 2010, then.

Local ??......will there be hotel info. to stay at in later reports?

A shilling and sixpence? That'll be one and six in old money.

Umm... weren't the Olympics inspired by the naked Greeks?

Local history month for me then - as a long time DG reader and Shrewsbury resident, I applaud!

(I've never actually been to Much Wenlock :o )

This was an enjoyable read, DG. Dr WPB sounds like a truly admirable man.

Good for you, Greg. Were you, or did you become, a fell runner?

Further to Greg Tingey's comment, my daughter hated the highly competitive attitude towards sports in her school but she did a lot of dancing outside of school hours.
One year she got roped into having a go at long jump and found she had a natural aptitude for it. This brought her unwillingly to the notice of the sports teacher and it also aroused the bitter animosity of the girl who was the acknowledged athletics star. Misery ensued.
I was happy to let her stay home sick on sports day.

One of today's photos is firmly on track to be my least viewed Flickr photo ever.

Great to read this - Much Wenlock here I come!

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