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And you've been to the other venue I was a Games Maker at, following your visit to Hadleigh Farm the other week!

I was there mostly pre-Games during the athlete training days, due to work commitments during the competition days but I did get to see one 'Live' day.

Spectators arriving by train were directed to Cheshunt station and down a long but pleasant footpath through the park to the north (I helped to bang in the guidance flags!).

The field across the Lea (in Essex) was a giant shuttle bus station and car park.

Happy days!
No doubt the reason the Velopark is quiet is that you can ride a bike anywhere, unless you specifically want a specialist track experience.

Conversely white water rafting is a different matter, Lee Valley offers an experience that is hard to match in the UK, plus because it is an artificial course, help is very much close at hand if things go wrong, if things don't go wrong than there is a bar close at hand afterwards, so white water rafting with almost zero inconvenience.
Am reading this at seven sisters train while waiting for a train to a meeting broxbourne (incidentally to discuss Crossrail 2). Hoddesdon is also the town of my birth. Very apt timing DG.
Tut! The "dull side of Welwyn Garden City"..?
We who live on the slopes of the Mimram Valley within a short walk of Shire Park regard it as the pretty side of WGC.
I went down to the White Water place a couple of weeks ago ... glad you like it as much as I did
Shouldn't that be Delamare rather than Delamere Road?

I'm old enough to remember 'Delamare' as a Tesco own brand for homewares.

dg writes: Fixed, thanks.
Note to self: That's the fewest number of visitors this blog's had on a Monday in the last year.
Ooh just remembered something else I helped with at Lee Valley during the run up to the Games - our team of Games Makers were officially helping with athlete transport but had a lot of time on our hands.....

.....the blocks in the water which create the white water (I think they're adjustable) we were painting them appropriate London 2012 colours with waterproof paint!
I was part of a consultants team in charge of obtaining planning permission for this venue(knowing that if we failed, the event would take place in Nottingham...) in 2008 - have also tried out the rafting experience in 2011 before the Games. Glad the legacy effect promised seems to have worked out so far!

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