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Interesting how the game of Monopoly triviailises going to Jail. How what in real life represents failure (by the individual or the system),turns into a short delay brought on by the turn of a card or dice.
But I suppose it lines up with the way the game trivialises capitalism and bankruptcy. And the notion that one can only "win" by making others lose.
The plot of the Peter Sellers film Two Way Stretch has Sellers, Bernard Cribbins and David Lodge break back into prison in the back of a dustcart.
The world is looking on Belmarsh. It is a shame for Europe what is happening to Julian Assange.
Jail is one of the parts of the original US version of Monopoly that wasn't changed in the UK, same as the 'Go to Jail' square with the US style uniform with the cap.

Perhaps these squares weren't anglicised for copyright, licensing or trademark reasons. It might simply be that 'jail' sounded better, or took up less space than 'prison'.

This might be why the locomotive image got changed to a US style one from the UK green version.
The Jail location, bottom left, goes back to the genesis of Monopoly, The Landlord's Game, created in 1906 by Elizabeth Magie.
Former gaols, also Ilford (at Little Ilford, now E12) closed 1878, for Essex.
"Famous" is a subjective classification. I had to google J Hus as I had never heard of him.

dg writes: 🎉 🥚
... and I don't have a dictionary of icons...
Malcolm, if you do your research you'll realise that Monopoly originated as "a practical demonstration of the present system of land-grabbing with all its usual outcomes and consequences". Your observations about capitalism are precisely the conclusions Elizabeth Magie hoped you'd draw.
I can see the inmates list being the basis for questions on Only Connect.
Biggest surprise: Oliver Postgate in Feltham Young Offenders!
With the value of its location, and inadequate facilities, I'm surprised Pentonville has survived, and hasn't met the same fate as Holloway.
My vintage OS map of the area denotes the Feltham YOI uncompromisingly as "Borstal", which will bring back memories for those of a certain age.
For anyone else who was initially confused, Jan Hus was imprisoned in Konstanz, not Feltham.
My grandfather who was a cleric was asked if he would consider becoming Chaplain at Wandsworth Prison. He said no because it would have meant he had to be present at every execution and he believed the death penalty was wrong.
Oliver Postgate was sentenced to prison during the second world war because he refused to serve in the armed forces but didn't initially qualify as a conscientious objector. He appealed and won.
"Borstal" - the institution, and a suburb of Rochester, Kent. Around both of which my school's annual cross country run was sent, and past the smelly stables. Just a small reminder not to step out of line, then - [David B].
The Clink is actually (imho) worth a visit and surprisingly educational, despite the slightly tacky touristy facade.
The distribution of these establishments is skewed strongly towards Surrey and south London.

I wonder why.
Ashford is and always will be Middlesex!

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