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It's a pity what's going on inside is such a waste of space, as the building looks quite nice on the outside, in my opinion. Maybe it can be adapted to be something more worthwhile, in time. I love the turn of phrase in today's post, though; at least it inspired that.
Hail the return of Bolx. What would we do without it?
Did they give away a free sample of paracetamol to help with the resulting headache?
The rise of LED screens.
A lot of theatre shows now seem to have large LED screens instead of painted scenery backdrops. I prefer the old painted backdrops. As for TV a lot of shows also use LED screens for the background which the producers seem to think must be flashing and moving all the time, very distracting so I switch off.
Piccadilly Circus was nicer with the old neon advertising signs, but LED has taken over there too.
Maybe if Outernet were to display the World Cup football on their large screen they would be packed with people
They'd advertise in your dreams if they could.

Honestly, I suggest people visit Outernet *ducks rotten tomatoes* if only to understand how awful it is in person. Photos don't do it justice.
Do not buy branded versions of paracetamol. Non-branded versions have the same active ingredient and are a fraction of the price.
A nice balanced review.
It looks hellish but it's free so I won't walk past, and will enter. If only once, and for a very brief circuit.
My five year old daughter and I walked past by chance the other day, and we enjoyed watching views of a coral reef for five minutes. There were no adverts when we were there or we wouldn't have bothered. It's fairly inobtrusive during the day time, we almost walked past without on the other side of the street without seeing it.

I did think it was funny seeing people trying to film the 360 degree screen with their mobiles phones. Kind of misses the point.
As predicted in Blade runner.
One great thing about the UK is that generic paracetamol is cheap and easy to find. In many other countries, generics are either hard or impossible to buy, and hence the cost of paracetamol is orders of magnitude higher.
Times change, get over it. Not to everyone’s liking and admittedly with an ulterior motive of consumerism but this is what the generation of today embrace for socials and entertainment and how brands interact. I wouldn’t fall for it but looks interesting to go see.
Paracetamol (also known as acetaminophen) is (IMO) an example of a drug which would be more tightly controlled if it was newly introduced.

It doesn't take many tablets per day for paracetamol to become quite toxic and life changing, which is why you are questioned if you buy too many packets at once and the pack size is always small in the UK (other countries choose not to have these safety protocols). Hence unlikely to get free samples.
What a load of grumpy old men (I think I am correctly gendering all the respondent so far, apologies if not)

I think this looks cool, and will definitely check it out when back in the office in January.

I'm by no means a youngster FWIW, 46 soon.

Anyway, I'm off to get my life from the get a life shop

The Astoria had to die for this....
As shopping migrates to the ether, so physical outlets have to move towards brand awareness knowing that many will browse, compare, buy online. This takes that to extremes, no stock, no overheads, just brands.

Don't buy branded ibuprofen.
I care not for what companies choose to do with their space, but I do object to so much emphasis on big-screen LEDs now. It's too 'in your face' and polluting.

I was trying to read the outside menu of a new restaurant quite near there recently - the one attached to that recently opened theatre in Charing Cross Road. It was dark outside and the LED screen was so bright it hurt my eyes too much to read it.

Saying that, if it's not too garish I will probably wander in at some point, if I'm passing, but any brand logos will blissfully pass me by as I probably wouldn't notice/recognise any of them!
Isn't just a part of the new music venue?
The Astoria was on the other side of the road.

I have to say, a massive LED installation promoting headache tablets wasn't what I was expecting. Very random.
About as random as the Dangleway being sponsored by a Swedish IT company.

What is this awful new monstrosity? The Headache Space?
The paracetamol show plays 12-1pm, 2-3pm and 7-8pm daily, not all day.
unfortunately they've proven that when it comes to the placebo effect, expensive, well packaged placebos are more efective than cheap generic placebos. *even if you know they are a placebo*

which is too weird a concept and has given me a headache.
A look at the website reveals a series of 'art' installations, some of which offer new opportunities for emerging artists to show their work. The commercial elements are there for, well, commercial reasons. Another new space, 'Frameless', in the old Odeon cinema at the corner of Edgware Road and Marble Arch, is using similar large-screen tech to show famous paintings. I've visited Frameless a few weeks ago, and it's really rather remarkable - if you like that sort of thing of course.
For balance, IanVisits was a lot less scathing about the Outernet.

Maybe it's just pragmatism on his part, the jury is still out for me.
Quite apart from the LED “content”, the building itself is hideous — all that pseudo-gold finish (joined, diagonally opposite, by yet more bling on the building that’s replaced the old Foyle’s shop) on what looks like a ventilation shaft. What a missed opportunity to design a distinguished piece of architecture for a newly-opened up space. Yes, I’m another grumpy old man, but I deplore the way so much of central London is being ripped apart, losing all its individuality, and becoming a series of identikit glass-walled monoliths.
Come on, don't sit on the fence on this one!
A small part of me is saddened by the decline of large scale gaudy spectacle in London, for all their flaws: Piccadilly Circus seems rather simple these days, the attractions in the Troc are all shut, the nationally-famous theme restaurants have all but gone, and Christmas lights seem more subdued of late.

I was half-hoping that this could somehow be some sort of dumb but fun bright trinket, but no, it can't even manage that.

I walked past last week, and it seemed to be cordoned off. The security very much projected that even asking what was happening would not be welcomed.
I, for one, welcome our new pixel overlords.
I always enjoy your satire but you are even better at polemic. Thanks, I'll give this a swerve.
It's worth mentioning that there's a 2,000 capacity venue underneath it. Given the Astoria was a victim of Crossrail development, that's some compensation for the abortion that sits up top.

I'm going to a gig there on Friday, but somehow can't bring myself to say "meet you outside the Outernet at 8pm".
I love it
HERE is a great gig-space though, was really impressed when I went to one of the first concerts to be held there.
The excuse "but there's a great entertainment venue underneath" is exactly what they're using to try to justify the light pollution intended to smother Stratford.

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