please empty your brain below

William Shakespeare is one of my favorite play writes. It was indeed a great pleasure to read such beautiful details about him and his life in your blog.I would definitely visit Stratford to experience and explore it myself. On his birthday, I pray that he continues to dwell in all our hearts for many more ages.

Jennifer Oakley has such an English name, and yet, her English is ... not quite write.

I think I've managed to see eight or nine of the bard's plays in various forms (though I'm only counting one movie!). Unfortunately, they're the popular ones and it's actually difficult to see a performance of the lesser known ones. Even Lear and Twelfth Night get a bit dull the fourth time around...

you didn't mention dr who visiting him, tsk, tsk.

Excellent virtual tour!

I'm sure Will would be pleased to see tea towels with snippets of his genius printed upon them... as I think the modern mind can best only handle sonnets and snippets of Shakespeare.

Many shallow brained modern folk find reading through entire plays to be a bit of a challenge.

Tea towels we understand...

I went to see the all male cast of 12th Night at the Old Vic this year. When I got there I was next to rows of school children. My heart sank as I thought (being the grumpy old cow that I am)- "oh no they will be really noisy because they are bored".

I was wrong. They were engrossed in it as it was so good.

So there is hope.

If Shakespeare had wanted people to *read* his stories he would have invented the novel

Why'd 'e use all dem funny words n stuff, init? Why'd 'e not talk normal, like? Me mum finks he proper wicked, but me reakon he just a load of pants.

Shame more wasn't made of St George's Day really. The Government wets itself every time "England" is mentioned - having recognised Scotland and Wales as "Proud, Historic Nations", they're terrified that people in England might get a whiff of devolution fever and start thinking the same about their own country.

After all, NHS equality and equal democratic rights for the people of England simply won't do!

England NEEDS health apartheid, unelected regional assemblies, unaccountable MPs and the West Lothian Question. They're good for us.

Or so the UK Government seems to believe. It also seems to believe that England alone should be referred to as "Yookay" or "Britain".

The UK Government further believes that its best to pretend that anybody wanting to celebrate England, or to gain equal rights for England within the UK, is a right wing git.


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