please empty your brain below

Years ago went to Docklands one Saturday morning for a look around the Isle of Dogs with my dog. Flabbergasted when we turned a corner in an out-of-the-way place and came face to face with two sheep.
wot no k*tt*ns???
Years ago took son to Mudchute Farm, one school holiday. We both really enjoyed it, and he liked stroking animals, and seeing the pigs.
The other incongruous image is animals grazing at Vauxhall City Farm with MI6 in the background.
A few years ago I was a driver on Bus route D6. I spent many a happy lunch hour sitting in the park on a bank watching what was going on or wandering down and visiting the animals. It amazed me at the time what you could find hidden within London.
Spent many a happy childhood afternoon at Stepping Stones Farm in Stepney as it was just down the road from my primary school, and made a random trip once to Spitalfields farm, but we never went to Mudchute... probably because this was pre-DLR days and a lot harder to get to with a class of under 10s...

(Happy belated 25th birthday to the DLR btw - what would we east enders have done without you these past decades?)
Is it true that London Ttransport originally planned to call Mudchute DLR station 'Millwall', because that is where it actually is, but changed it after the locals said they didn't want thousands of away fans turning up there thinking it was where Millwall's ground was, and then smashing the place up in frustration?
@ johnr, Transport for London prefers not to name stations after football clubs because, eg at Arsenal, there's likely to be damage done to signs etc showing the station name, either deliberate vandalism or fans stealing souvenirs.

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