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No matter what you view of his politics, I hope all can agree that this is the kind of person we need more of in high politics.

By which I mean normal.
I’m confused by the chronology here. If St George’s only moves to Tooting in the mid 70s how was Sadiq born there in 1970?

Was there an older hospital that St George’s took over?
Dan, according to the linked Wikipedia page, St George's took over the old Grove Hospital buildings in Tooting in 1954. It had originally opened elsewhere in Westminster in the early 1700s, and moved to old Lanesborough House after a few years, replacing the building there after about a century.

The two sites were run in parallel until the 1970s, when new facilities started to be built in a Tooting to allow a move. The site at Lanesborough House on Hyde Park Corner closed in 1980. It is now a hotel.
I am some what disappointed in this article DG.
I was lead to believe, by the Daily Mail that bastion of truth and tolerance, that when writing about politician's houses, one must mention the PRICE of the property.

Good story on a local boy, who made it to the top, that is the kind of inspiration kids need.
I suspect the previous name of the pub reflected Samuel Johnson's friendship with Mrs Hester Thrale, the subject of a play I saw a few years ago.
I agree with the first commentator - refreshingly normal politicians who live among the people they represent, seem few and far between these days and we are the worst for it.
Khan - Aaaarghhhh!!!
Really? Sadiq's dad was a bus driver?! If only he'd mentioned it before.
I understood that Sadiq met his wife Saadiya outside the gates of Graveney School, which is the big local secondary school in Furzedown, long before they had both qualified as solicitors.
Which garage did Sadiq's old man work from; Wandsworth or Stockwell? Merton (as is closest physically to Tooting) didn't run the 44 until 1987.
Online sources suggest his father worked from Wandsworth. As I understand it, his father-in-law was also a bus driver.
Ooh, the article on Streatham Park was written by David Thrale. Excellent.

And my dad's old boss did his medical training at the old St Georges.
The Henry Prince Estate was possibly inspired by the Karl-Marx-Hof in Vienna, which was built about ten years earlier.

It was contemporaneous with the Quarry Hill flats in Leeds, that used a similar archway design.
So surprised to see my old haunt talked about! DG reader might also find it amusing that, apart from the shops, on Friday nights the main corridor of the hospital turns into a club entrance for the medical school student union. I always wondered what patients thought whilst we wondered through in Halloween fancy dress...

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