please empty your brain below

I'm getting Father Ted 'Funland' vibes.
The source of light needs to be behind you to be able to see a rainbow, so my 6 year old tells me.
Are you sure you didn't make this up? Satire is dead etc.
Emperor's New Clothes! At least you could admit that all you could see were people getting wet!
Thank you for the link to the history of the Silvertown Viaduct; that was properly interesting. No wonder you enjoyed seeing the underside of that more than your "rainbow experience".
I probably enjoyed the historic link about the construction than you did the live bolx. Thank you.
It's right not to trust a website whose main image is most unlikely to live up to reality, let alone the dizzyingly high bolxfactor in the prose.

One does need the sun behind to see a rainbow, so from somewhere further along the southern quayside pictured... with any luck... but it's not what I'd call 'giant / built over the dock'. I think I'd have felt very much 'had' for being a mug if I went, with even the slightest expectation, so I'm glad the flyover was good!
> The installation, like rainbows seen many times before, will be synonymous with hope, prosperity and a sense of community.

Sounds like something approved by the Министерство культуры СССР. Where were the goose-stepping blokes in big hats and the odd ICBM launcher?
I'd say Holborn Visdict is a flyover, and much older than Silvertown.
Thank you for doing these things so we don’t have to.

dg writes: That’s the comment in today’s sealed envelope and I am celebrating with the customary Creme Egg.

More importantly, the Wonders of World Engineering site you linked to is marvellous.
I once thought most modern art / art installations were bolx. I now know I was wrong, and am now a regular visitor to Tate Modern, and other galleries. This Silvertown stuff however appears to be attention-seeking part-marketing bolx.
Hmmm...these 'Bompas & Parr' fellows sound like a pair of upper-class grifters pretending towards the twittish.

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