please empty your brain below

giwwwawwwh! My little irony magnet just flew at my monitor and tore the LCD. That's your fault, that is. I expect a cheque in the post. Near new it was.

Bahhhhhh humbug

We do live in a blame culture, yes. But the reasons for that are very complex. And it's unlikely to get any better. In fact, as unease and inequality grow (which they are, and will) it is likely to get a whole lot worse.


I slipped on a flower petal in Marylebone station and hurt my back. That's the flower seller's fault that is. And before you say that my weight can't have helped, that's McDonald's fault for selling such fattening food, and for not refusing to serve me.

Been reading the Daily Mail this morning?

i blame sunday, monday and tuesday.

I blame Jade Goody. She's my "escape goat" for everything.

Well don't blame me

I remember in Star Trek DS9 in Quarks Bar, one of the employees was always being told whatever happened, its your fault. Somebody said, it cant be, he was nowhere near when it happened. So the owner of the bar says, yes its his fault, its in his contract that everything is his fault.

Jade Goody is certainly a goat!

under the weather?

I blame bloggers. Bunch of self-obsessed twats.

I can't tolerate intolerant people.

I'm with Tom Lehrer on this:

We all know that there are people, unlike us, who are bigoted and intolerant, and I hate people like that.

All that rain we had forty years ago, it was clearly the fault of all them atom bombs they kept testing.

You don't hear atom bombs being blamed for anything much these days.

No, its all Africanised bees now. No, wait, that was last century, too. That's right, its MMGW. Or is it WMD?

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