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So three buses I use a lot (the 3, 59 and 133) are being altered, in two cases going to places which are far less useful (St Paul’s and Smithfield rather than Euston and Liverpool Street) and in the other to Victoria, already served by the 36 and 185. It’s not a major disaster, because I’ve got an Old Git card so can use the tube for no extra expense, but I prefer to use buses when I can, so it’s a bit disappointing. I’ll be interested to see when we get told about all of this officially…
[Disclosure: I’m a Labour supporter]

I think you are too hard on the Mayor. The transport settlement for London is grossly unfair and clearly being manipulated by the Government for political reasons. The Mayor has to have a political response and this is part of it. It’s about the politics, not the buses.
“ Confused? You will be.”

That quote from Soap is often used in this house and it looks likely to remain. Shame there’s no chance of a new bus map to explain it all.
Your photo of the 11 and 88 buses shows how much smaller the front windows are upstairs on the Boris bus, awful things.
The amount of wasted work in TfL Planning that has gone into this is phenomenal. I’m guessing all that time and effort cost won’t be captured anywhere.
Over the years, I've occassionally been quoted in press releases which then get mentioned in the press/trade rags.

For those who don't want the illussion spoiling, please stop reading.

The way press releases work is that someone in marketing gets an idea. They write out their idea as a press release, with a pithy quote supposedily penned by you. You get sight of it before it goes out to check it's not 100% rubbish (I'm saying nothing about it being anywhere near accurate)

Then the press picks up the press release, copy and paste most of it and maybe add a sentence or two of their own words. And that's the news.

In summary: Many news articles are just fabrications of some marketing drone's brain and have little basis in fact. It's why I bearly read the media nowadays. Social media has made the entire sharade even worse.
Useful, thanks.
No mention in the publicity or here of the 21 143 263 271 changes. Let’s hope the 271 stays too.

dg writes: separate consultation.
It may be the final nail in the coffin for the 10 but then that was only introduced when another review diverted the 73 from Hammersmith to Victoria.
At a stroke TfL have just screwed up the travel of civil servants at DfT and other departments around Horseferry Road who now have no easy route to commute to and from Waterloo.

Wonder if a new, more generous, funding agreement for TfL might bring back this connection in future! There's a surprisingly large amount of housing in that area, which doesn't have great connections elsewhere now.
The 332 replaced the northern end of the 16 anyway, so swings and roundabouts.

As for the 11 the change is simpler than it looks, the 11 is rerouted at Westminster to Waterloo and the 211 is rerouted at Chelsea Bridge to Battersea, adding the 507 to the mix was just plain confusing. According to my LHRG books, the section of the 11 between Fulham and Liverpool Street has been operating since 1906.

The Red Arrow routes also broke links when they were introduced, that's why London Bridge lost its services to the West End, but the introduction of Oyster and removal of cash fares rendered the reasoning behind their introduction in the first place redundant.

I suspect TfL have signed death warrants for the likes of the 4, 349 and C3 and will circle back later for another go.
Bah, that's unnecessarily irritating. No longer a link to Oxford Circus or the West End, nor even to Whitehall. Just duplicating the train through Herne Hill and Brixton up to Victoria, from the home of the brave, the land of the 3.
Here in the West Country all the cuts are blamed on shortage of drivers so expect them to migrate along the M4.
With the re-ronting of the 26, am I right to think there will be no direct bus from Waterloo to Liverpool Street?
“Anyone can pretend they won a battle if all they did was invent that battle in the first place.”

And lo, another lesson of Yes Minister comes to pass once again.
This is a very useful summary of the whole situation.

If I can note one thing that wasn't mentioned here though it's that from reading through the details it appears that the planned overlap between the 59 and the 133 (replacing the 521) has been changed from what was consulted on. The 59 will only go as far as St Barts Hospital instead of St Pauls while the 133 will continue on to Holborn station instead of finishing at St Barts.

dg writes: updated thanks.
The northern corridors (Maida Vale & Wellington Road) towards Marble Arch/Victoria have been changed several times in the last decade (82, 16, 13, 113), breaking single seat journeys Fortunately I don't need to go to Victoria regularly anymore.

Creating a truly multimodal hopper fare which includes tube/train would allow more radical change to routes, swapping single seat travel for shorter durations and frequency/ capacity.
According to the CNJ, the excellent local newspaper, Camden’s Labour councillors have expressed scepticism about the real threat to local routes such as the 31 and 24, so even they didn’t just take this PR fluff at face value. However, the fundamental problem remains: Osborne and Johnson’s shabby deal to remove government funding from TfL will continue to make public transport vulnerable to political and economic crises for the foreseeable future. The Tory government hates Khan viscerally, both as a Labour politician and as leader of an opposition enclave in the heart of London, and their relentless market-driven ideology is likely to cause further clashes as they try to undermine public services even further. Yes, the Mayor had a choice of what to cut, but it was the Treasury, Shapps et al who forced him to cut in the first place.
Sure the fundamental trigger was central government's vindictive control of London's pursestrings, but they didn't specify these bus cuts... which, as it turns out, mostly aren't needed.

This blog will always call out a weaselly press release when it sees one, and this was one.
The 521 from Waterloo to Holborn uses the Strand underpass to speed through the Aldwych area. I fear that advantage will be history.
Yes Kirk, a touch of Eurosausage about this whole exercise!
David, the 76 will run from Waterloo past Moorgate/Finsbury Circus, which is about as close as you'll be able to get to Liverpool Street station directly now.

On a similar note, the removal of the 26 and 521 from Waterloo is going to make mornings there pretty hellish. It leaves just the 76 and 341 going over Waterloo Bridge and around Aldwych onto Fleet Street, I think. The queue for those buses at Stop F in the mornings is always massive already, and I assume huge numbers will be added to that queue with the removal of the 521. And then overall frequency will also be reduced because of the lack of 26s. It's going to be "fun".
Yes, TfL’s spinmeisters are past masters at making black white, or vice versa, and I certainly wouldn’t complain about your bullshit meter!
The removal of the 16 from Cricklewood to Victoria will have major impacts on the Edgware Road corridor. The 16 is always well loaded if not overcrowded whenever I use it including late at night and early in the morning, likewise weekends. They should've withdrawn the 189 instead and diverted the 16 to Brent Cross as the 189 is nowhere near as busy and the 139 covers most of the route. I suspect they want to remove the 16 as its a garage terminator so Metroline probably charge TFL a premium to run the service as there's no realistic competitor for the tender given it terminates at Metroline's Cricklewood Garage

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