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How come it was quicker on Sat when you had to change than Sun when you didn't?

I hopped in at Hoxton on my way back from Colombia Rd flower market and was the only person on the platform & one of the few in the train. Got my free travelcard, souvenir Oyster holder and old fashioned commemorative ticket. Getting of at Dalston there were defitnitely a few out of place looking people around.

My parents came up later (from Reigate, much easier for them to visit now) and said trains were packed, standing room only.

If my memory of commuting from Hackney serve, the staff on Overground stations are there to cram the passengers into the trains.

Eastenders looking for somewhere to go down south could do a lot worse than visit Forest Hill and the Horniman Museum which is a 10 minute walk from the station.
As well as a very good museum, there are great gardens, a nice cafe, and across the road is the 'Forest Hill beach', a large sandpit full of young children.

If visiting Crystal Palace watch out for the Dinosaurs in the park!

That would explain the sadly deflating balloons at Forest Hill when I got off there in the evening.

Saturday: Changed trains at New Cross Gate in 10 seconds flat.

Sunday: Train waited at New Cross Gate for 5 minutes.

"fabled southern lands" - Love it!

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