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More a case of meaningless than ambiguous.
Northwick Park has two Ks
As does Chiswick Park

Bromley-By-Bow and Harrow-on-the-Hill have three Bs and Hs respectively.

dg writes: dammit, yes.
Updated, thanks.

Still, filled an idle hour, eh.

You could of course amend the rules so that only the names of tube stations were permissible, and disregard the spaces, apostrophes and hyphens. That sounds fun.
Covent Garden is the most expensive property in the London Underground edition of Monopoly. I used to love Monopoly until my 6 year old son started beating me every time, the little banker. I prefer Scrabble and once got Totteridge and Whetstone on a Triple Word Score.

dg writes: No you didn't, because the board is only 15 tiles wide. Ah, dammit again...
Even ignoring spaces and punctuation, Shepherd's Bush Market, Dagenham Heathway, High Street Kensington, Walthamstow Central and Willesden Junction wouldn't fit on a standard Scrabble board.

As you can only lay seven tiles in one go, you could score only 22 for "embankment", if the tiles already on the board have used the premium squares.
"Totteridge and Whetstone on a Triple Word Score."

Assuming that place names are allowed...
The board already has this, with the "N" on the centre square. ("Ne" and "tot" are valid Scrabble words, Eridge is in Kent)


Adding "WHETSTO" to "NE" would give you both "Totteridge" and "Whetstone", and the "W" would be on the triple word score. (You would also get the 50 point bonus for using all seven letters)
They changed the rules about a decade ago to permit proper nouns

dg writes: officially they haven't.
Although EMBANKMENT has ten letters you could do it if BAN was already on the board, and get two triple words and 50 point bonus.
I was today years old when I learned that 'barbican' isn't just a place name but has a meaning in itself
You could play shepherds (using at least two crossing letters), bush (extended from bus) and market (extended from mark using a t) in the same turn.
The station that would score the least in Scrabble while still being a legal play would, I assume, be Oval, for a mere 7 points

dg writes: you assume incorrectly, angel.

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