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I'd say something except my memory's going. This sort of Q. is almost like asking me why I've gone upstairs/downstairs to get something. I've seen many indicator errors, where, when? I'll just sit here until I've forgotten what it was I was trying to

the comments box is open. What was I going to say?

I once snapped FirstCapitalConnect employing the 26-hour clock at the old King's Cross Thameslink station.


I can't comment on the Tubes, not any out here in East Surrey, but I am finding this all very amusing, being the mother of a one-time 'Tube Challenge' record holder. I remember those lovely wooden indicator boards at Thornton Heath station in the 50's, lovingly placed in their slot 5 mins before the train was due, by your friendly platform staff, and there was a roaring coal fire in the waiting room on cold winter days to ease your wait. Heaven!

Slot-in boards were still used on the High Barnet branch and north end of Met in the 1970s

I think the indicators on the Victoria Line often suffer from this problem. I've seen this happen on the indicator on the southbound platform at Tottenham Hale, and it often takes TfL a long while to get them fully working again.

Tonight's "Victoria line Question Time" provides a response to the Seven Sisters issue...

Question #28
Sometimes the next train information, especially at Seven Sisters, is very far from correct - it can indicate the next train to be 10 minutes away when one enters the station. What is being done to improve the accuracy of these displays?
Asked by Dan Browne
answered on 23/10/2008 18:17:38

Hello Dan
I'm sorry if the information on the dot matrix indicators (DMIs) on our platforms is sometimes inaccurate. We know about this problem and the work we have done over the last few years to fix this problem hasn't worked. The signalling system is 40 years old and thankfully the Victoria line upgrade will fix this; and the benefits will be seen on the Dot Matrix Indicators within three years.
Chris Taggart

Connex SouthEastern were still using slot-in wooden destination boards at Ramsgate station in 1995! I was always amazed that nobody pinched the ones not currently in place as they lay stacked next to a pillar.

The Queens Park ones are useless because they are National Rail ones IIRC, where the data is taken from the timetable and of course, if all trains are 5 minutes late on the Bakerloo line you won't notice, but the sign will, as it will display each train 5 mins early!

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