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It's not just the path that's a dead end as it leaves Enfield Town Park, the loop channel also is filled in from about 50 metres beyond the park boundary. The actual New River is pumped through an arrow-straight pipe from Southbury Road (where there is a pumping station across the road fom the New River bend)to Walnut Grove (which is directly on top of the pipe). The old channel is mostly covered by extended gardens and a row of 1950's council houses called Amwell Close.

The pipe was breached by a bomb during the war and the old course was dug out and pressed back into service while the pipe was repaired.

(I live just around the corner and am enjoying your walk through my part of the world)
I did this section of the walk in 2010, and Clarendon Arch was accessible. It's a shame it is locked now...

(A few pictures here:
And you didn't even mention the old railway between Alexandra Palace and Seven Sisters (Palace Gates Line) you have just crossed in Avenue Gardens.

The remains of a bridge can be seen on Park Avenue, a few metres from your walk.
Railway mentioned in the Noel Park post of 24 December 2011 (geddit), though.
Okay then :)

And what about Truro House (on the same corner as Southgate Town Hall)? I think it's an interesting building. It looks a bit out-of-context on that corner.
Underneath Finsbury Gardens there is a second hidden watercourse, Muswell Stream (not to be confused with the River Moselle), running roughly SW to NE. It's mentioned in Edith's Streets and also in 'Haringey's Hidden Streams Revealed' published by Hornsey Historical Society. According to that book, it was the watercourse from which the Piccadilly Line shaft had to be protected. It is unusual because it runs above the New River at the point where they now cross.

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