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There's a heritage of lavender-growing in the area, celebrated by a rather nice piece of public scuplture in Wallington by Guy Portelli.
This was a surprise discovery for me a month ago on section 6 of the London Loop which runs through the field. Though from your lovely pictures the field has become even more impressive.

It did not look like the route across the field could be closed off after 6pm as there were stiles granting access to it at both ends and the London Loop directions make no mention of such closure.
Lookout for rats.
I'm familiar with the lavender fields between Eynsford and Shoreham in Kent but this is the first time I've heard about these.
I was actually up in Essex yesterday (around Kelvedon Hatch and Brentwood) and was surprised by the number of fields that appeared bright blue. After stopping to take a closer look, it turned out they were growing borage, which was in full flower. No quite as spectacular as the lavender, but a pleasant sight all the same.
Oooh I hope the organized Loop walk I'm on has timed it right for that section next year!
I were brought up just a couple of miles down the road in suburban Purley. I used to be able to walk from our house and be in the country about 10 minutes later.

I didn't realise how lucky I was!
The Lavender event to go to in South London is next weekend at Carshalton. PYO,distillation of lavender oil, cosmetics, honey and scrumptious food. Details at

Nice community event and the sun always shines!
This was a wonderful read, and great photos as well. Thanks for highlighting it.
And you haven't mentioned the fragrance!
I didn't mention the fragrance because I didn't spot any, not even crouching down amongst the flowers.
personally I've never liked the lavender fragrance and try to avoid anything containing it. But I do like the color and all these lovely pictures.
We visited Norfolk Lavender, by coach, one year. The year they'd put two of their three fields to potatoes! Fortunately the remaining lavender field was totally amazing, complete with bees and butterflies all over. Gorgeous.

Funny thing was, we went from Portsmouth and passed a Hampshire lavender field en route. Did wonder whether we should have visited that and saved a lot of travelling!

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