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As I grew up in Twickenham in the 1950s and 60s I have walked and cycled that path many times.
Often went to the ice rink.
The Barmy Arms was originally named The Queens head, with the Kings head (demolished) being nearby in Water Lane.
Before the bridge to Eel Pie Island was built there was a chain ferry.
There was a nice open air swimming baths just after the bridge,it is now a park although the diving board remains.
You also walked past the house that was one the home of composer Andrzej Panufnik. I think the Blue Plague is still there.
The building now the Eel Pie Museum was built as a cinema back in the silent days. It closed when a much larger cinema was built next door, the Queens then renamed Gaumont, now demolished and petrol station on site.
Somewhere else that isn’t on the route of your walk is the former Ponderosa restaurant on Heath Road where I once had a very unsatisfactory schnitzel.
The walks around there are very much the heavy lifters of the Thames Path, outside of Central London.
I'm intrigued by entry to Marble Hill House being free; most English Heritage properties have a charge, though the grounds are often free and Kenwood is another exception. Possibly a condition of the restoration funding.

Many happy memories of Richmond Ice Rink, both purely social visits and taking my Scout group there. Much missed when it closed.
Oh my, I do like the photo of your large and rampant wisteria.
Borough residents were told that a new ice rink would be built when the site was developed with housing. Of course you could never trust a Conservative council back then! At least we had the early days of rock and jazz on Eel Pie Island then.
I was there in Twickenham this year. I bumped into (not literally) Roy Hodgson on the corner of York Road and wished him well.
My nearest local "nice walk", being that I live on Richmond Road. Handy for this and Lidl. Walked it too many times to remember. I'd recommend The Fox on cutesy cobbly Church St just back from the river against The Barmy for a decent pint, including the excellent local Ale "Naked Ladies", which explains itself. It was only recently we sadly lost our longstanding Wimpy, wonky sausage missed. Avoid the area on a rugger day, not that they are much trouble. The whole place is just overrun.

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