please empty your brain below

The original H1 was in Harrow - renumbered 201 in 1986 and later becoming the H10 and H11.

Boringly average in speed (12mph) and a bit long in the tooth at 8.5 yrs without breaking any records, but this bus is probably the smallest on this particular odyssey
Haha. The Bishops Avenue is proof that money can't buy you taste. Even if I suddenly became a billionaire overnight, I still wouldn't buy any of those hideous houses.
I went, many years ago, to a party at a house in Bishops Avenue. I recall it had a snooker room and tennis courts in the garden, plenty of food and drink!.
Hamstead area is nice but I still prefer Richmond park and hill. Guess I am a south London type.
I agree with Karen if I had the money I would not move to Bishops Avenue.
From your description the H3 does seem a pleasant bus ride, maybe I will try it next summer.
It is good! You didn't ride it back to Golders Green though...
Glad to see the lady made the correct decision of carrying on.
I rode the H3 recently for the first time. I really enjoyed it and I completely agree about the Bishops Avenue. A really strange mix of architecture, aspiration and failure. The building trade must make a fortune forever adjusting the vast properties along there. I also liked the Heath extension which I had no clue about - a hidden bit of London greenery.
The Bishop's Avenue - a rare street name that includes the definite article on the signs. (There are a few otherwise single-word examples like The Avenue (but not "Strand")

By the way - which bishop, or bishops, is it named after?
By a strange coincidence, this morning I saw an out-of-service hydrogen bus with a route number of Hâ‚‚ - almost exactly like that with the correct subscript.
In reply to timbo - the cleric in question was Bishop Winnington-Ingram who was Bishop of London from 1901 to, I think, 1939. His name is commemorated in Hampstead Garden Suburb, not only in The Bishop's Avenue, but Winnington Road and Ingram Avenue.

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