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Read your twet yesterday, and thought I wonder if DG will mention the dangleway, I hope to go on the ArabFly Dangleway this July. I have also take some more ideas of what to do in London from your site, so thanks again DG
Now all we need is more kittens and we are good to go. ;-D

I must admit I'm impressed with how quickly this has been built - perhaps we should forget Crossrail, Croxley, and all the other projects and build dangleways all over London!

BUT if you've got a pod every 21 seconds, and each pod will take a maximum of 10 people (to judge from the official video simulation), that means it will carry a maximum of 30 people a minute. A tube line, with 900 people per train on a three minute headway, can carry 300 a minute. Even some bus routes can manage 30/minute.

I know that they're completely pointless but the cable cars do look impressive in the pictures.

Delighted to read, three times, on the Crystal's home page that it's "iconic". It's made me feel a lot better.

I'm sad that I'll never go on this, because I too imagine the views would be lovely (er, well, some of them). But heights, and especially heights over water, terrify me (even driving over river-crossings is scary) and when I was forced to go on the cable-cars at Alton Towers I had to sit with my coat over my head.

(It's a great excuse to wheel out whenever people wonder why I've never tried skiing though. One reason of many, mind.)

So I shall admire them from the ground, and that's that.

OOOOooo errr. Funny, I've been looking forward to trying out the dangleway but now the reality is beginning to dawn. I used to have panic attacks as a child going over some bridges - especially ones where there seemed to be nothing stopping you from falling off them. Aaaaagghhh. Glass sided pods, aaaaaghh --- I think I may be watching from the sidelines!

There is one unmentioned elephant in the room about the Dangleway. And I think we need to address it.

Just what piffy, totally spiffy piece of BorisBranding(TM) is going to be applied to the Dangleway? I mean we have BorisIsland(TM) BorisBike(TM) and BorisBus(TM). Surely those splendid boffins at City Hall are hard at work coming up with some other genius way that we're all going to commemorate our glorious Mayor for eternity?

[Anyone would think by this plethora of Boris-nicknamed items that our glorious mayor is desperately trying to tag his name on to everything in order to cover up the fact that he's not actually done anything useful for four years.]

@ B - well they could emulate the Ngong Ping 360 cable car in Hong Kong which has Crystal Cars with a glass floor. Now that would be something different!

Like you and others I will be looking at the thing from the ground - heights and water no thank you!


The Boris Bus/Bike/etc never came from City Hall as planned marketing exercises - they grew up organically due to people wanting to come up with nicknames for things.

It's why the attempt to promote the Kenny Farthing was laughed at as it a) sounded awful and b) was designed by activists and wasn't something that just grew from the grassroots.

Yeah, Ian, I know ;) But I'm sure it doesn't stop the BorisPersonalMarketingMachine(TM) rubbing their hands with absolute glee everytime someone uses them.

Unfortunately now those of us that refuse to use such terms are completely shafted as no one has a clue what they're officially called!

@Andrew B

Boris Bangle - it's big enough to stretch around his wrist, don't you think? Charming little pods n'all.

I intend to travel on it once, when it opens, and in all probability never again.

Could Arsenal take over a pod as a substitute Emirates stadium should the pitch at the main one be unplayable?

Looking at the price just announced for a trip on "The Water Chariots" from either Limehouse basin or Tottenham Hale to the Olympic Park in Stratford (A cool £95) I think The Boris Tea Bags Ride will be a cheap alternative for a day out on/over the river.

Boris' Bracelet?

Much as I hate "Boris Bikes", you have to admit it's an awful lot better than "Barclays Bikes".

I decided this morning that I liked the name "Boris Folly". But no one would know which one ;)

Is there even a name for the bikes apart from Boris and Barclays? Would like to have a name other than them to call them, but if I did no-one would understand. The TfL blue hire bikes?

In this video report, the man from TFL looks slightly exasperated when asked if the cable car will be ready in time for the games:

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