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The trouble is, these concepts (such as the elaborate right turn via a toucan) were conceived for other circumstances, such as in this case a fast moving, heavily trafficked road where lots of inexperienced cyclists, such as children, are likely to be present. It's not appropriate here, no-one's going to use it. No wonder the going rate for superhighways is about £1M per km.
By the way, no need to pace out a bus stop, count the lines. Both yellow lines and the gaps at bus stops are one metre long, and they always end in an odd number.

I do live in Toweer Hamlets, but I suspect I'm at the point in the borough that's as far away from CS2 as you can get. That hasn't stopped someone (presumably Boris's team) pushing a smug leaflet through my door encouraging me to use CS2 - though I'd need to cycle miles out of my way just to join it. Ho hum.

It's easy to be critical of all these changes...but that's because they are stupid for the most part.
Anyone who wanted to cycle will be doing so already, and I'm expecting very few people to be converted to the idea because of all this.

Interesting and not that surprising news on this DG.

To be fair, what I've seen of CS8 looks more encouraging - from Chelsea Bridge to the end on Millbank, there are wide blue lanes (they reduced the car lanes from two to one in most places).

However I remember driving through Battersea a while ago when CS8 was under construction and the story was much more patchy, and much more as CS2 sounds: blue lanes that stop for parking and bus stops, random parts where you're not quite sure what happens next. Not seen if things have improved prior to opening: anyone seen any reviews of CS8?

These superhighways are just another waste of money by goverment!

Firstly, from what I have seen so far the lanes are rarely used by the cyclists who still zip in and out of traffic and really don't ahve any road sense!

Then there is the question that why encourage Londoners to go green by cycling they are re-stocking the docking stations with gas guzzling vans and cars! It defeats the object! Then to top it all those gas guzzlers are parked in the 'superhighways' re-stocking so it makes that part of the lane redundant.

A total failure if you ask me and Boris has definatley lost my vote!

Up here in the DPR of Camden, the cycling team have decided that putting down lots of green paint on the road surface doesn't look nice and have decided not to do it any more. New contra-flow cycle lanes where I'd say you need it even more, are reliant on some dashed lines and bike symbols. No signs to tell you that the cycle lanes exist either - just adds to the road clutter (and expense !)

Transport planners are so inept when it come to cycling in the UK it's staggering. A complete absence of awareness of how people operate and how they cycle is in constant evidence. Any half-arsed scheme seems to be put in to show that 'something is being done'.

I would favour off road lanes anywhere it's possible to tempt non cyclists who aren't keen on dicing with HGVs, buses, and cars. That would mean moving street furniture, and clutter, away from the pavement nearest the road to have a lane installed. Long term thinking would mean any new signs and lights are installed on the side of the pavement furthest from the curb. If trees are next to the curb and that's not possible then have the lane on the opposite side of the pavement and then put lights etc on that side.

"It's as if some transport manager in an ivory tower has devised a system for toucan-crossing cyclists, without considering that nobody on the ground will understand it, let alone adhere to it. Construction of this folly took 32 days. Verdict? Pointless."
If you can`t understand it`s your fault.His main concern is to make sure that his arse is covered

Bow Road/Mile End Road/Whitechapel Road are wide enough to have segregated cycle paths (as used to exist on London arterial roads in the 1930s until the 1970s). Otherwise, forget it...

"Anyone who wanted to cycle will be doing so already, and I'm expecting very few people to be converted to the idea because of all this."

- point one is not true, studies show over and over that there is huge repressed demand.

- Point two is true, the repressed demand is because people are scared of traffic. The only thing that is going to change that is segregation, ala the Dutch style. These don't cut it.

I think you're on to something about those bus stops. This afternoon I saw some paramedics scraping an unfortunate cyclist off the road at the bus stop opposite the Genesis cinema. Judging by his outfit, he looked like an experienced cyclist too. Poor fella.
Superhighways indeed.

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