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I did a piece of work at TfL looking at which flyovers could be put under ground to improve the urban realm and unlock development. Answer: not many!

Shannon corner and one on the A13 near Barking Riverside were both my long list.
Stop after Woolwich Manor Way/A13?
Evidence from most road-widening schemes makes the statement that the Chiswick flyover would "be less congested if it was wider" highly debatable. See M25, amongst many other examples.
Years ago I was in a taxi heading towards Bow from Stratford after an evening out, when, at the very last minute, the driver decided to go down to the roundabout rather than over the flyover and went straight across the small paved area seen on the left of the photo here. My mate and brother who were asleep were certainly startled.
There is at least one other flyover in Croydon, at Pitlake. It carries the A236 over a railway line and various local roads. It's of reinforced concrete and was built in the mid-1970s. Streetview will show it from any of the adjacent roads.
This has prompted me to go down a Chiswick flyover wormhole. It looks, from streetview that the original profile of the flyover is visible from the pointing on the south side
I often wonder what Dalston and the surrounding area would look like today had the Ringway 1 plan boshed a massive flyover and interchange through it. Haven't quite been able to line up the artist's impression with reality.
I feel like the aqueduct that takes the Grand Union over the North Circular should count somehow (but I know it won't!)
Most interesting - I thought there was another at one end of the New Kent Road, but clearly not. As for the Hogarth flyover I remember it being very ricketty back in 1979 and thought it had been taken down long, long ago.
Gunnersaurus, that Ringway roundabout would have been located roughly where Dalston Lane crosses the North London Line, with the photo facing north-west.
That's Bricklayers Arms, Cau1khead
I cross under the Lodge Avenue one almost every day. When there's heavy traffic on it, the structure makes worrying sounds.
Going by the pictures there seems to be quite a disparity between sturdy looking flyovers in the west and temporary looking ones in the east!
There's also a flyover at Apex Corner in Hanworth, but that is not named, and thus does not count for the list.
How about a piece on pointless underpasses? Hyde Park Corner and Euston Road spring to mind. Should both be filled in with spoil from HS2, kill 2 birds, reclaim some useful land. Euston would be particularly easy with a conveyor.
Lodge Avenue has also had it's speed limit reduced to 30.

It is due to be replaced by 2027 (the maintenance contract included funds to allow for a full replacement)
Cornish Cockney
Have you seen the Hogarth flyover?
How many of these lined the pockets of Earnest Marples ?
I absolutely HATE Lodge Lane with a vengeance. It scares me.
I'm wasn't previously aware that TfL is responsible for road infrastructure - as at Gallows Corner. Why is it a TfL managed structure, and is this unusual?

dg writes: because, and no.
I always felt really wobbly going over the Hogarth flyover. Don't do it these days (thank God) but had to for work back in the day.
What about the A1011 Silvertown Way?

dg writes: that’s a viaduct.
There are also flyovers at Barking and Earl's Court, just not road ones.
DeDomenici, thanks! I see it now. I wonder whether it would have affected the route of High Speed 1, given the ventilation shafts in the area close to the North London Line.
I've always thought the Gallows Corner one looks like a horrible, grisly news story waiting to happen.
"It was given the green light by transport minister Ernest Marples whose construction company won the contract"

That wouldn't go down too well nowadays!
Strabismus, arguably the Hyde Park Corner underpass is now pointing the wrong way, most vehicles now seem to be heading up Park Lane to avoid the Congestion Charging zone rather than heading into Piccadilly
Ah, so "Bricklayers Arms" equates to New Kent Road - it sounded more like the East End.
Did you mean foundered rather than floundered?
Thanks for this, fascinating stuff. Where else can you find a blog post about the flyovers of London, but on DG?
Timbo: no, but now I've googled it! Yikes!!
The A12 does quite a bit of flying over at the Lea Interchange and the River Lea - would I be right in saying this bit dates from 1999?

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