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First para: Tibury doesn't smell quite right...

dg writes: fixed, thanks
The Lee Tunnel? Because it is downwind? Or because Gary has his own tunnel already?
As a youngster I lived in Twickenham and not very far away from Mogden Sewage works. Before it was privatised there would be occasional open days, and it seems a similar set up to Beckton.
They used to sell the dried sewage as garden fertiliser call "Morganite", not allowed to nowdays.
They also produced methane type gas which they used to run their own electricity generators, and surplus gas was burnt of on one of those chimney type pipes you see at oil refinerys.

I just discovered your blog today and I am a fan! I really loved it! And I started my own blog about London recently so it was an inspiration to read some of your posts!

Best regards,

If you want to take a look at my blog, please...
Dear London...

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Dear London,

When you go to/from England, one of the ideas, as well as visiting and sightseeing is also experience the customs of the country's food. The Fish'n'Chips is a typical cooking dish of the UK. The recipe consists of fried fish wrapped in a mass of soft consistency of special mixture, accompanied by fries. In some regions of the country, is still sold as of old, wrapped in newspaper.

As for the "Mushy Peas" is done with dried peas, requiring a soaking overnight. The "Mushy Peas" done at home doesn't contain a range of additional ingredients and bright green coloration that some mass produced, such as commercially made versions (in cans). What is clear is that, as all vegetables, peas are a good source of protein.

Besides to be a very popular dish among the British people is also usually cheap! Here are some of the best restaurants in Fish'n'Chips...

Fascinating - the sort of place I love to read about but am not sure I'd ever actually want to visit.
The Lee Tunnel I remember used to play up front for Uxbridge FC :-)
Vanessa/dg - personally I prefer mass of soft consistency of special mixtured sausage.
Cara Venessa,

Ainda não deve estar informada sobre a posição do autor deste blog em relação a publicidade não desejada....

Boa sorte para o seu blog.

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