please empty your brain below

You may mean it ironically, but I wholeheartedly agree with every word of that.
Waiting for US outrage from those who don't get irony.
I'd hope not EVERY word, Jimmy.
Read it more carefully.

If you're sick, poor or disabled it's up to you to protect yourself (unless your employer says you have to come in, in which case tough).

Meanwhile at the libertarian cafe: "you are free not to wear your mask just as I am free not to wash my hands after going to the toilet and before handling your food. After all, food poisoning probably won't kill you."
most of this but unironically
I must remember to get one of those TFL seat cover moquette masks as a souvenir, preferably a crossrail one
I would love to be a fly on the wall with the behind the scenes meetings
Good, finally.

If you haven't been vaccinated that's a you problem, it's not like you haven't been warned.

Lose weight.

Everyone will get Covid - remember Whoopi 'did all the right things' and still got it, and now the Queen has it as well - probably the most protected vulnerable person in the country.

Cloth masks don't work, only blocking 10-30% of aerosol-sized particles that contribute to airborne spread - according to scientists, if want to stop the spread wear an N95.

Visit elderly relatives in the summer when you can have the windows open.

If you like the government telling you what to do move to China, although Canada is looking promising.

Drink driving/smoking bans/compulsory seatbelts - but once injected a vaccine can't be undone, we are the guinea pigs for the long term effects, this is why in my view it shouldn't be given to young people, because firstly they are the least likely to be effected by Covid and secondly if there are long term effects, then a young person will suffer more.
I wish I'd thought of "Visit elderly relatives in the summer", it would have fitted right in.
I understood immediately that your post was ironic but what I can't work out is if the comments above are real.
Wow! Now I know why Still Anon calls him/herself that.
when do the vaccines "wear off"?
Either the world is going mad, or I am. Possibly both.
Looking forward to your first posting when we're at war with Russia - if the internet still exists for you to post it and I'm still alive to read it...
For those whose work can readily be done from home, I don't think working in the office 5 days a week en masse are likely to return, ever.

Pity for the city centres. And TfL's budget.
You’ve echoed the sentiments of joe and Jane "public" who at this moment are probably vomiting up last nights consumption and breakfast, in some Spanish resort, and catching the latest in STD's.
I laughed so much after reading this sentence "Older citizens must be offered a fourth vaccine because the over-75s remain the most likely to ..." and fully expected to see "... be infected by COVID" at the end, but instead got " Conservative."

Sadly, both are true...
Maybe it's the right decision. Maybe it's not. But the genius is that by scrapping all the testing, we'll never be able to tell for sure. If we're not testing, official Covid rates will plummet! Wins all round!
TfL's decision to stop mandating face coverings feels like an edict from the Prime Minister as part of a government funding deal, pulling at the strings of the TfL puppet.

TfL... do have a government funding deal... right?
It's been evident more or less from the start that the UK was never going to follow a zero Covid policy, unlike say New Zealand.

Instead, we've gone for herd immunity from the very beginning. Maybe that's what the modelling told us was the best outcome, maybe it was a political decision, it almost doesn't matter because absent major lockdowns, we can't change course now.

So this announcement was always a question of when, rather than if. There are several major questions to ask about that and here are 2:
1 - With the relatively high unvaccinated rates that we have, do we have/will we ever get, herd immunity? While some might like to paint vaccination as a 'personal choice', it absolutely isn't - it affects the spread of the virus among the rest of the human population.
2 - What about those who are immunocompromised? While I realise it is a lot to ask the country to put life on hold indefinitely, it's equally unreasonable to ask immunocompromised people to live in bubbles the rest of their lives. Or is that an unfortunate but unavoidable outcome? See also 1.
A jolly good exposition of perfect British logic - when all's said and done, that's what made this country great! After all, my cherished liberty is about doing exactly what I want, when I want to do it, without reference to anybody else - isn't it...??
The political fault-line in Britain was once between the Puritans and the Cavaliers. It still is.
Totally agree Still Anon. Sadly, two years of brainwashing mean there are many who never want this to end, plus a lot on all parts of the political spectrum (big pharma, PPE/Test makers, the security state, trade unions, WFH brigade etc), have a vested interest in keeping the restrictions (sorry, ‘protections’). I gave up all of them last 19 July.
...and I naively expected a 22022022 post today...
Well today's post has really brought the fruit loops out of the woodwork.
By and large I consider myself on the libertarian end of the continuum, but some of the comments above are pretty unbelievable and scary. Removal of state restrictions does rely on people behaving responsibly - as they do with regard to other risks - so it's kind of scary to see people boasting about the fact that they won't. TBH it's attitudes like that that made state restrictions necessary in the first place (that and collective action problems).
Haha… but remember we have a government the majority of whom are ‘fruit loops’ and that’s why we are where we are.
And I was so looking forward to the B135 ...
Coo, that must have taken a while to write. I assume you didn’t go out yesterday.
“Covid was never a danger because it hasn't killed you, you're still here, so it's only the lives of those sadly lost that needed to be protected.”
Pretty well sums up the stupid and wilfully ignorant complacency of Borisian style utterance. Self centred opinion gobbed out as fact. Ignore the actual fact.
Next variant? Oh, let’s drop the worry and the science, it can’t kill many more,
When I was learning to drive my instructor said something that has had a profound impact on me and which I have applied to all areas of my life ever since - Expect everyone else (on the road) to act like an idiot.
Sorry, but it's the right decision, as Simon Jenkins wrote in the Guardian today.
Congratulations - you've successfully triggered the narcissism in those that truly believe that they know better than the global scientific and medical communities. But, I suspect, you anticipated that would be one result of this post.
Whatever the efficacy of the measures that have been deployed to date, it's tragic that political and public policy is being driven by a clique of Steve Baker-like Tories whose belief is also that they, and only they, know best.
I had money on a post about today's date ... but it's early doors ... - will be keeping a close eye at 22:22:22
Hong Kong has just announced something of exact opposite: Forceful tests for every citizen, three times within March. And forced self-quick-test every day in between. I suspect cases will surge not only because of the draconian means to hunt down infections, but also the gathering of people would further spread the disease.
Well, it’s a reasonable bet that commenters here who lack an irony gene probably don’t have long-term health problems such as COPD, diabetes, asthma or chronic kidney disease either, nor work as Deliveroo riders or in factories, shops or caring professions where self-isolation isn’t a viable economic option and the risk of catching Covid is high. As an older person, but not a Conservative voter, I’d prefer not to spend the rest of my life in complete isolation because of the selfishness of others.
Opinions are still in lockdown.

Thanks for letting the comments flow freely DG, even if you're just handing some of us free rope.
I looked in vain for a ‘Surely’.

dg writes: Even in an ironic post, I didn't risk one.
In other news, it's not just us:

"Covid tests for fully vaccinated arrivals are to be scrapped across the EU in time for the Easter holidays."
"Share prices and house prices are much higher than before the pandemic began but that's no reason to get complacent and risk losing these hard-earned gains. "

Not to worry, Putin v. Biden, Johnson, et al is taking care of any gains as we speak. Though that does allow The government's friends in the military industries to receive a flow of public money.
A wonderful ironic post can be summed up with two non-ironic words; Political expediency.
Let's have a party!

oh - been there / done that (a few times)
No, you're right. We should cower from this virus forever, regardless of whether the facts of its potency, our immunity etc. change.

I worry that one or two of these commenters are genuine.
Tbf Scotland is “weak-willed”, they’re the kid in class who always tries to be loudest
The biggest problem over the last couple of years has been the lack of honesty, & psychological mind games used by the government, & chemical companies!
The largest faultline in all this Chinese batflu nonsense, is social coercion & the psychological mind games which have been used on the citizenry, destroying trust, & creating a toxic discord in all our lives.
You really are completely and utterly deluded, Diamond Geezer

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