please empty your brain below

happy birthday DG.

route 49...i know it well.

no need to remind every one that Clapham Junction is in Battersea not Clapham.

maybe you could hire one of those ol Routemasters for your 50th?
Happy birthday DG. I'll be taking the same "bus" in September. ;)
Many Happies DG.

I'm off to Friern Barnet in July.
Happy birthday DG.
Well a nice sunny day for you birthday bus ride Happy birthday.
49 is the new 29. Happy birthday.
Just admit it. You are square and proud of it.
Have a good day.
Happy Birthday DG!

I was also travelling along Kings Road yesterday, although on the 319 so you've got a few more birthdays before you get to that.

I also saw the Routemaster!
Happy Birthday! Have a Becks for me (not that I'd normally drink the stuff).
Although I enjoy the variety, and the surprises, a bias towards plenty of bus rides is just fine for me. Especially when as descriptive as this. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with disregarding fashion. Clothes are for keeping warm and keeping decent, and any other role they might play in one's life is strictly optional.

Oh, and happy birthday, DG!.
Happy Birthday DG. Have a fab one.
C xx
Happy XLIX.

If I didn't know you better I'd be seeing evidence of a MLC in some of those words ;)
Many happy returns - have a great day
If you wear the same style clothes long enough they become 'fashionable' again...
Meantime, there are Birthdays (or anniversaries of birthdays) so Cheers! Here's to another one!
happy birthday ... if you'd had a party I would have come as Father Ted (not!!)
Happy Birthday, DG
Happy Birthday DG - 9 and a bit weeks younger than me.

I was also on the Kings Rd - Clapham corridor the other day but on a 319 (a very unlikely birthday number unless cryonics becomes mainstream). I haven't been round that bit of Battersea for many years and was bemused to see the useless CS squashed on to a road far too narrow for it and more up market shops than I can recall ever existing in that bit of town. I was also amazed to see what is on the site of what was Battersea Bus Garage. Shows how many decades it is since I was last round there.
Happy birthday DG! Looking forward to your write-up of route 91...
Happy Busday.
Many happy returns of the day DG!

I'm hoping the 60+ Oyster is still going when I get there in 9 years, but they do like to keep moving the goalposts don't they.
Happy birthday DG!
And there I was expecting the next bus on DG to be a 347. I've not been paying attention!
Happy Birthday DG - how does it feel to be a perfect square?
Less than five years to go to my 60+ Oyster....

Never mind the legal fiction: an even earlier reference to the Man on the Clapham Omnibus - predating the hijacking of the name by the London & South Western Railway for its new station in South Battersea by six years - can be found in the Journal of the Society of Arts (May 1857), "so thoroughly has the tedious traffic of the streets become ground into the true Londoner's nature, that ... your dog-collared occupant of the knife-board of a Clapham omnibus will stick on London Bridge for half-an-hour with scarcely a murmur."
However, there has not been a direct bus from Clapham to London Bridge for many years - the Northern Line made them redundant: the closest modern analogies are the 133 and 155.

The 49 is a very familiar route to me, commuting to South Kensington first from Acton and later from Clapham Junction, although in those days it still went on to Crystal Palace (and on Sundays to Harlesden)
Gratulerer med dagen, DG
Happy Birthday! It's mine, too, and I am a touch older than you. I wonder where bus 54 goes...
Happy Birthday DG!
Happy birthday DG. Enjoy!
Happy Birthday.
My partner says the best 10 years of her life were those between 30 and 49.
Happy birthday DG , your blog is brilliant !
Happy Birthday DG - look forward to seeing you on the 111 in 2076
Happy Birthday D.G. Your attitude to birthdays and buses is very similar to mine. And the cemetery you popped into was used as a sort of wholesalers for electronic goods pinched from St. Johns Road 's looted shops in 2011. Many flat-screen tvs were retrieved from there the next morning...
apparently my next birthday bus goes from Acton to South Kensington, not a trip I've ever needed to do though I've been to both and everywhere on its route. as I don't regard a bus journey as a birthday treat anyway, I won't be imitating dg this year.
Hi DG and Happy Birthday.
Of the routes I have ridden the one I would like to drive the least is the 153. So looking forward to your take on that in 104 years.
@ timbo

ah yes, the 49 to Crystal Palace
...those were the days!

an the 19 to Tooting Bec Station it only just sets foot 'south of the river' by crossing Battersea Bridge and turning around again.
I get the 49 from Shepherds Bush to work most days and there's often a driver at about 0830 who makes a point of saying "good morning" to every passenger - it brightens up my day if she happens to be driving!
Happy Birthday DG - look forward to eventually reading about my own local route the 88!
Oh if only the 70 had existed back then: door to door commute instead of having to guess whether changing at Hammersmith or Shepherds Bush was going to be quicker (266 + 9/33/73 v 207+49 for those interested)

Although looking at the circuitous route taken by the 70 I'm not sure it would have been any quicker)
Happy Birthday DG and thanks for your blog - especially buses
A wonderful blogpost - the cemetery terminus was the icing on the cake. Many happy returns, DG.
Happy Birthday DG
Happy Birthday DG!
Best wishes for You from Germany!
Belated Birthday Greetings, DG. Long may you continue to tour and enlighten us all!
Happy BD DG!

Here in Seattle the city is drastically cutting back bus routes also, to the tune of a 50% reduction in some routes. It's pathetic when you ride the freeway and see everyone in cars instead. Hopefully they'll pass the doubling of the auto tax to pay for more buses.

But I suspect that riding a Routemaster is more edifying than the double busses we get around here.


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