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I believe the new Amazon Fresh stores in Croydon and at Monument have actual tills and don't require an Amazon account to enter, which might make them the only two places in the country to get a red nose without the rigmarole.

(If you *do* have an account, it's usually possible to get things delivered free to a click and collect location like one of their lockers).
Ahh Amazon

The Gracechurch store in the sity allows you to use a card to pay as well as the app..... Apparently thats a new thing its seems so you dont need the app.

The bizzare thignabout the tech with all it fizz pop bang 'techieness' you dont actaully know how much you have spent unless you go to a 'manned checkout' else its takes 20 mins on your email to receive a response.

Bit of work to do their Jeffrey!

You think comic relief would be getting it to more stores rather then a few.... i guess they might have got an incentive or need the rather nice offices a refurb
The Amazon Fresh in Sevenoaks is usually so quiet,it looks as though it's been set up in the precinct as background dressing for a TV drama. Whatever happened to the relaxed anonymity of shopping?
Well I for one wouldn't dream of buying anything where I wouldn't know what I'd racked up before leaving. That sounds like a modern equivalent of writing a blank cheque.
I have never watched red nose day so not sure what the programme is about.
I find irritating that they keep advertising it on BBC radio
Being a regular Sainbury's shopper, I completely missed seeing or hearing anything about Red Nose Day. I did here a mention this morning on BBC radio London.
Anecdotally a lot of primary schools have said no to kids wearing red noses today due to this year's design being unsuitable for under-7s, which rules out almost half the classes.
The only place around here that is selling any Comic Relief "stuff" is TK Maxx, and they only had a few t-shirts left on Tuesday.

Staff in Sainsbury's said they weren't selling anything because "it was so wasteful".

Having a small collection of Red Nose badges from previous years, I wanted to buy the one for this year. However, Comic Relief haven't produced one!

When I expressed my disappontment via their website, the personalised reply (from a proper person) thanked me for the feedback and said they would pass it on to their marketing department. We'll see!
Having made a few small purchases from Amazon I was bombarded with emails telling me I had not made use of my Amazon prime benefits, which I had not asked for, twice found I was paying a prime subscription, which was extremely difficult to cancel, and will not use them again.
Cheer up, John
Welcome to the world of AI assembled to lure teens into a life of mindless spending (only teens can fully engage with this alien world).
Amazon have stores !!
Those who signed off on the Amazon deal thinks that their lifestyles are the normal ones.

Updated version of The Good Life, Margo Leadbetter - 'Amazon hasn't delivered Red Nose Day, everything is cancelled'.

Welcome to exclusive inclusivity.
I don't know if this is the case everywhere, but my youngest son's primary school was selling them.
I’d assume that whilst ordering millions of cheap, plastic items from China is no longer an option, economic production of acceptable alternatives is limited. I was quite interested this morning to find out how to make a honeycomb paper decoration myself, and then had to stop myself vanishing down a rabbit hole of commercial decorative honeycomb paper manufacturers and their magical products.
This year’s red noses are made in China.
Sorry but I am just going out to yell at clouds.
I'm tempted to buy a stack and recycle as Xmas decorations
Totally agree with your last paragraph.

Seems like the only winner here is Amazon and the postage company - and even then I'm not sure sales will be enough to have made it worth their while.
I have bought a few things from Amazon recently and not noticed Red Noses at all, no no sale here either!
An odd choice to effectively go online only, as you're taking away impulse buying.

Amazon as an option is fine, but should also be in Sainsbury's. Lots of people have a Prime account, so postage would be free for them anyway.
Walked past an Amazon Fresh branch the other day and nearly popped in to have a look but it seems I wouldn't have got far!

Now down a wormhole trying to find out exactly how Amazon Fresh works, but have so far found nothing more in-depth than that it's something clever with lots of cameras and sensors. I'm particularly intrigued by how well it copes with 2 people shopping together either paying separately or together, doing complex things like one picking an item off a high or low shelf to hand to the other. Beware offering to carry a heavy item for a friend!
According to the Amazon website it's free postage for all Comic Relief red noses.

Won't be buying one now or watching the program. It ceased to be funny around about 1988.
"It has a honeycomb-paper structure, folds flat for easy packing"

I misread that...

Tempted to order one on Saturday so it is delivered on Sunday. Amazon might then have to do a 70+ mile round trip to deliver it to me (last Sunday the driver told me they only had 4 deliveries to do). Not exactly environmentally friendly! And Amazon are not pushing them on the website, or at the checkout. Missed opportunity.
Some of the buyer reviews for red noses on Amazon are hilarious. The 2023 nose currently only rates 2.9 (out of 5) for comfort, so fairly consistent with earlier scratchy, too tight or too loose plastic ones.
I am occasionally offered a free Prime trial for a month which I take up near Christmas when having next day delivery can be useful. I only take it up though because, contrary to the above, it is easy to cancel within my account before the end of the trial period.
I hope at least that Comic Relief have done a deal where the advance payment they have received from Amazon is larger than the income from Red Nose sales in previous years.
This conforms to the five rules of authority (for anyone 'in charge' with no idea what goes on elsewhere):
1 - authority is never wrong.
2 - when authority is wrong, see rule 1.
3 - when authority finally admits it is wrong, it is someone else's fault.
4 - time will magically show that authority was right in the first place.
5 - someone somewhere will suffer for the indignity authority has been put through.
My school decided to get red noses and sell them for today. They planned to sell them on Thursday and Friday, but the noses did not arrive by Wednesday as they had been told. Thanks to Amazon we've donated a grand total of £0.

As for the cyber stores of doom, one has to acknowledge that for the intended audience, its a really easy and convenient way to shop. However, Comic Relief should realise that the majority of the UK are not part of that intended audience. Also now children can't buy it on their own, they have to badger their parents order it online.

*Young Man Yells At Cloud*
Last year Sainsburys raised £6,213,159 by selling official Red Nose merchandise.
This year Amazon raised £2,710,504.
But Sainsbury’s still managed to raise £5.4million without selling the plastic tat this year.
I managed to be completely unaware it was Red Nose Day yesterday until a few minutes ago (saw someone else's Tweet shortly before reading your blog post)
Thank you MKIan

I read this post (and comments) on Friday evening. I too was unaware of Red Nose Day happening, and also unaware of the perturbations occurring to what should be simple charity giving. Your mention of Amazon assuring free postage directly led to my account balance being £2.50 lighter and a small package from Amazon wending its way through the delivery chain to my front door on Saturday (hopefully by means of am electric van, as many tend to be now).

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