please empty your brain below

Cummings - the 'mainstream media' hate it when someone says NO to them, these people (the Brexiteers) are battle hardened from all the previous Brixit shenanigans.

If its any consolation, then I think there is now a significant chance that the Tories will lose the next general election, Brexit will turn in to reality, and it won't be what many thought that it would, and C-19 will turbo charge the down side.

Stock up on t-roll and pasta in preparation for the inevitable winter lock down.
Johnson's figure of 38,000 doesn't mean anything when we know many of the cases causing death outside hospitals weren't tested.

The ONS has reported 54,000 excess deaths for England and Wales up to 15 May.

The Financial Times' Chris Giles reckons a cautious estimate of the excess UK deaths linked to Covid-19 up to 28 May is 64,000.
The FT research calculates the death toll in the UK at over 60,000 excess deaths compared to the previous 5 years. It's not getting wide publicity even though it's not behind their paywall. They are researching almost every countries stats to uncover their lies.
Still Anon - agreed.

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