please empty your brain below

What a fun idea! I hope something like that appears over here too.

Why sit around and hope? You'll be disappointed. Start the scheme there yourself!

Ooh I live in Bristol - I can't wait. First Banksy, then pianos - the summer should be good!

Have seen two of those you missed, both being played jollily enough: those at London Wall (near one of the side exits from Moorgate station), yesterday afternoon, and the one by Liverpool Street station (by Bishopsgate) this morning,

A splendid idea. And very good to make clear that it is nowt to do with Bozza.

Liverpool St piano is near the McDonald's. I played a heartfelt rendition of 'mary had a little lamb', all I remember after 2 yrs tuition. I was followed by 4 teenagers doing chopsticks.

Paul's Churchyard - it's round the back (east end), tucked into an alcove.

I saw the boys on the north end of the Millennium Bridge - and later when I came back that way there was a Japanese tourist giving a splendid performance of the tango number "Por Una Cabeza" - till she suddenly got nerves or something and walked away to everyone's disappointment.

Are they bolted down? Why haven't they been stolen yet? Am I too cynical?

I visited the City of London street pianos on Sunday. Photos from my wanderings, plus photos of closed gates where pianos proved inaccessible here:

I've been looking forward to this since I read about it a couple of weeks ago.
I always try out a pianoforte if I find one in a pub or a church hall etc. Nowadays you do not see many pianofortes in public places they have succumbed to electronic music.
Having learnt to play from age 5 over 50 years ago I'll play old songs and hope to get a sing along!

The pianos were featured on the BBC London Tonight', they featured the one in Leicester Square. Amused - have you ever tried to lift a piano? They are very heavy. Many years ago we bought one from a family in our street in Croydon for £25, for the children to learn on, and we wheeled it 100 yards uphill to our house much to my kids' amusement. It was a struggle to get it round a bend in our hallway. When we moved we left it there!

Haven't seen any of these pianos for myself yet. They certainly look like good fun, I have to say.

This is London and I will be surprised if any of them are left to be donated anywhere, apart from the scrapheap at the end of it. Maybe a graffiti artist could brighten up the pianos a bit, just an idea..........

Garry, the pianos are already painted/decorated.

Blatantly pimping the set of pic I took on Friday afternoon, including the St Mary le Bow piano being getting a well needed re-tune (wooden frame pianos + outdoors).

and a couple of videos which could do with editing

Walking passed the one near Moorgate at stupid o'clock last night, I noticed that it had been painted as a Michael Jackson tribute, with "Thriller" written across it and various other bits.

Was in London for a short holiday last week. St. Paul's piano is on the outside wall at the east end. First time i passed it was being played quite well by a small child, but not the second, later in the week.

Southwark Park, Bermondsey-burnt out after one day by local vandals!According to the local rag the 'Southwark News' recently.

We had a tremendous time when this was on in Sydney. I'm glad to see its continuing.

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